In the 1970s, American songs were very popular in Italy. Too popular. Annoyed by this phenomenon, Italian singer Adriano Celentano made up a song with nonsensical words that sounded like American English. "Prisencolinensinainciusol" became a #1 hit not only in Italy but all over Europe!

That's a little funny

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  1. Reddit also happens to be a place where everyone just retreats to their preferred echo chambers in order to avoid being downvoted for having polite and constructive yet unpopular opinions. And it's not like the downvotes really stop trolls who just make alt accounts.

  2. If it's actually a 31.6mm tube, measured, then no. You need the proper size post or a smaller post and an appropriate shim.

  3. Oof.. this is hard. Going to write out my thought process before I even pick.

  4. drewbaccaAWD, do you have ideas for how to get a 32t middle for the M6000 with the 96mm BCD?

  5. I don't.. the 4 bolt 96mm BCD isn't widely supported as Shimano only used it for some 10 speed cranks and it looks they they've already abandoned it themselves.

  6. MGTS says:

    Go with a 42. It's a bigger jump than you think

  7. I'd be shocked if a 48/36/26 (originally) isn't a 4 bolt 104mm BCD.

  8. I mean, yeah.. but a pathway to the darkside, Straub is not.

  9. My standards are low and "openly" is important. I switched from Yuengling to Straub in 2016 because Yuengling no longer cleared a very low bar.

  10. They're misguided.. and I haven't bought any of their products since Jr did the very public tour of their facilities.

  11. yay plastic.. you wouldn't want to replace that with an identical one anyway.

  12. As far as cable pull ratio goes, yes. But that looks like a short cage so you'll have chainwrap capacity issues if you need a long cage. Or be really really careful what gear combinations you use.

  13. oof.. I need to pay more attention to tour dates in general. I'm just far enough in the boonies where I can't pick up NPR which is likely the only way I'd ever be in the loop.

  14. So, basically "I only have one principle, you idiots, to win... we're full of shit on everything else."

  15. He had so many great songs and was also very popular in Germany.

  16. Thanks.. I added this to my list of random songs to learn/play at open mic nights. lol

  17. I've used these guys before for adjusting spacing between cogs on Hyperglide hubs.

  18. I had a crash on my bike. And have been getting things back into order. I noticed the bike was not shifting all the way though for the rear. Normally the shifter would go all the way up.

  19. I don't want to take mine apart to investigate.. but if no one responds in say 24 hours shoot me a message and I'll dig deeper.

  20. I have a relative that claims to be fiscally conservative. He votes Dem regardless. The Republicans are only fiscally conservative when they are trying to stop democrats from passing legislation; it’s all a poorly veiled manipulation.

  21. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, but I believe that having single payer healthcare would be fiscally conservative. I'm an independent who voted for a lot of Republicans and some Democrats, voting for Obama twice. Haven't voted for a Republican since 2016, with one exception. I did vote for a state rep who our family knew. Then my kids told me about some anti-women bills he supported, and that was it for him. We live in Texas FWIW.

  22. I mean, there's literally a quote from Hayek basically arguing in favor of some sort of universal health care.

  23. You're right, beggars can't be choosers. I'm new, so idk what is EV training is. Mind explaining?

  24. The gist of it is that the more wild Mortys you kill, the stronger the Morty you are training will get.

  25. Alright, you convinced me. Thanks for the detailed explanation. So how do we trade?

  26. Then again, practically all of these outlets are guilty of biased reporting from time to time. Best to onlty trust what every one of them says at once.

  27. Bias and mistakes are one thing, the real test is how a given outlet corrects errors when discovered.

  28. I meant the opinion section leaking into the headlines, but I can 100% excuse errors that they later correct.

  29. oh yeah.. headlines are 100% clickbait anymore. :(

  30. There isn't much if any difference between a 9 speed chainring and an 11 speed chainring designed for a front double. Some rings are more optimized than others for a specific shifting system but the chain fits on the teeth the same for all of the above (some older 8 speed and below might be the exception here).

  31. Frame saver is still made. Likewise Boeshield which I've used in the past.

  32. I use the ones Performance Bike sells, they're relatively cheap and comfortable granted they are still made the same way as when I bought mine... they're not much more than $60USD when on sale (which they currently are).

  33. Clinton lives rent free in these people's heads, and in a larger space than Republicans.

  34. Is it really rent free if it's funded with rubles though? I wish we had a control group without the internet to see if they ever even mention Clinton.

  35. I will never be able to take anyone who uses the term "Blue MAGA" seriously... the fuck are these idiots smoking?

  36. Not sure why anyone would disagree, even the cheaper Eastmans and Kentuckys are quality where it counts. I have a cheaper Washburn that was my starter and once I filed down the nut and dialed it in, it's every bit as comfortable to play as the KM-1000 I picked up later when a great deal jumped in front of me. I suspect a 315 would be significantly better than my Washburn, sound wise.

  37. I was at a Delfest academy and Ronnie picked up one of the guys Washburns that an attendee had bought used somewhere along the line played it for a minute and said, "I'd play that on stage."

  38. I'm sure they make some decent stuff.. mine was cheap, $300ish new and laminate A body. I think the top is solid wood though. No one would mistake it for an instrument costing 3x as much but it definitely holds its own. Since it's my cheaper mandolin that I don't worry about it actually gets much more use which is another benefit, it gets played rather than babied!

  39. "... rising tide lifts all boats... we all know Black people's boat got a hole in it."

  40. Thanks for your detailed analysis. I reinstalled several times, the noise is still louder than other cassette. I also have another bike with Ultegra r8000 with Ultegra 11-34, have the same problem. Shifting is fast and accurate, maybe it is normal to be nosier...

  41. Nothing jumping out at me, so you may be correct that it's just noisier.

  42. “Feeding into my depression” really seems like a different flavor of “turned me into an asshole”

  43. Should I level him up to 50 with mega seeds?

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