1. Thats such a weird thing to care about.. if they didn’t put the day at the bottom of the screen, nobody would even know the difference

  2. We had employees who would drink after work and not tip, who got banned from drinking after work

  3. Idk if this counts as wholesome but I love that Frogger doesn’t take himself too seriously

  4. She’s finding out someone in their troop failed their knot tying merit badge test

  5. Mike Halloway might be an option for this question. He was clowned for eating the scorpion in the first episode. Then he was on the outs for nearly the entire post merge and had to win himself to the end.

  6. I can’t believe he won. On like episode 2, he yelling at people to work harder at camp. That person never makes it far

  7. No. I liked her a lot but I thought both Bob and Sugar played a better and more active game. Sugar didn’t have the experience to know she needed to own her game at final tribal so it was kind of inevitable Bob would win

  8. Sugar has admitted that she did not care about Survivor at all. She was an aspiring actress, and was just trying to be as entertaining as possible so she could get more work

  9. JT chose to eat in Tocantins. But if I remember correctly, Zeke chose to eat in mvgx and he got voted out that night.

  10. No, Zeke opted to eat in the episode where Taylor got voted out.

  11. Kim has the best first game. I don’t care how bad that cast was

  12. Eddie’s was cleaner, rvds looks like it’s hurts a hell of a lot more

  13. I want to go on, but I am extremely overweight. Trying to find motivation to eat right and work out is hard :(

  14. The only reason you would get the Switch Cloud version is if you'll never have any other console or platform in the forseeable future.

  15. There have been people with prosthetics before, but I’m glad you feel represented!!

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