I won my 5th title last night. I’m now the FSW, PCW Ultra, Big Time Wrestling, AWF, and NTLL Women’s Champion ❤️‍🔥

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  1. This literally has no reason to be its own post. Nor do any of your three dozen other "Tyler Rogers sucks" posts. Use the gameday thread.

  2. The pitching line rules are based on one 111-day old random Wednesday thread with 50 total comments?

  3. I'm not normally one for union busting, but the umpire's union deserves to be launched into the sun

  4. Check out the comment section of any article written about Paige on social media. All you will see is sex tape jokes, Xavier Woods jokes, and blatant misogyny and slut shaming. It's pretty disgusting how abhorrently mean people get about Paige, as if she deserves any of that. She didn't release the videos herself, she never intended for those to get out, and people are telling her to go to porn when she is released by WWE.

  5. You used to see that on here too before the mods finally started cracking down on it.

  6. Pretty sure both of Barber's missed calls in the zone were with Tyler Rogers pitching. I swear if that poor guy doesn't get BABIP'd to death then he just confounds the home plate umpire.

  7. I will always be baffled why they signed Big Show. Like really what is he bringing to that company?

  8. Hopefully they don't figure out they can attack our weak points for massive damage.

  9. Everyone also thought you guys would fall off last year but you guys kept winning. Was kinda nuts.

  10. Fraudres haven't won a game since they got Soto and some of y'all wanted to sell the farm to get him smh my head

  11. They won his first game, didn't they?

  12. Yeah but enough about the Padres lineup, the fans were throwing stuff on the field

  13. Between what they did to y'all this year and what they did to us last year, I'm convinced the Pirates would be perennial 100 game winners if they played in the NL West.

  14. Crawling in to steal some talent for the Vince McMahon Wrestling Company

  15. He hit the State Farm signage with that one. I guess you could say those were... insurance runs. 😎

  16. Personally, I really like the version of the U.S. title, but all the others could be changed, but the most important thing would be to remove the Raw and SmackDown names from the titles and not repeat that nonsense of exchanging them again.

  17. Evaluators say Chadwick Tromp has an 80-grade name

  18. They still can’t play championship baseball.

  19. I hope he goes to the rockies and hits 80 hrs tbh. Sick of bonds at the toppp

  20. Bart is like 80% of the reason I'm still watching Giants games at this point

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