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  1. You love a racist? It’s not often Nazis admit who they be. Who they be.

  2. i guess danny has to take steroids now to truly live like the liver king

  3. The finale felt like Ryan just wanted an excuse to use Lana again.

  4. All the ghosts are still there but I think Lee destroyed the house to try and stop people from going there.

  5. ok that makes sense thanks. idk why she would do that tho ppl r still gunna come😭😭

  6. obviously he was manipulated but i assume he’s also desperate, if you haven’t been with someone in years it might be hard to know where to start

  7. i get this so much. it’s like one of my favorites now after rewatching but when i first saw it i was rolling my heads the whole time. now i’m a lady gaga stan!

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