1. Thanks so much. I've no idea why someone would repost a BORU without all of the info if the original. Probably a mistake, but thanks for fixing.

  2. Yes it does matter what you use, I don't have much experience with DWM, but a quick Google says that scrot is a good tool to use, as for your Firefox submenu, I'm not entirely sure how that is relevant? Just open it and take a screenshot?

  3. OP is right, I've just been testing. If you have submenus or context menus open and you use XFCE's screenshooter bound to the print screen key, it closes the menus first for some ungodly reason. I checked the list of command line modifiers to see if something could be done about that, but there isn't a useful one. I'll see if XFCE has a bug open for this - it's the sort of thing they like to be able to get right and might want to include in 4.18 if it's not herculean to implement.

  4. What about notifications called by other applications like browser? How can I add sound to notifications of browser or telegram desktop applications?

  5. Did you do the camoflauging autistic traits questionnaire (CAT-Q?) I also have a profile of autism called PDA which differs and I dissociated from many of my symptoms

  6. No, just general ones. I'll look into it, but the tests I've done already have me as not even a borderline case, so I'll be shocked if a CAT-Q tells me any different. I don't suppose you have a link to hand?

  7. Possible to not be flagged on autism screeners (screeners are terrible) and score high on the cat-a. When I first did my autism screeners my view of my masked neurotypical self was so wack it was only until I learned to understand how women present I could actually answer them

  8. Thanks for that. It turns out my scores are... really fucking weird.

  9. I went down to Poole to visit my sisters who had moved there when I was young.

  10. As regards the money thing, strictly speaking Scottish notes are not legal tender in England. "Legal tender" as a term is often misused - it actually means valid for settling a debt and there are rules about it that mean that the facetious lorryloads of pennies you occasionally hear about can actually be legally refused. The reason Scottish notes aren't legal tender is because they're not Pounds Stirling (I appreciate the irony), but Pounds whose value is tied to the Pound Stirling. As such, in England & Wales accepting Scottish and Northern Irish notes is discretionary.

  11. To be honest, the 2010s have been like a bad dream for me, so I'm always a bit shocked it's not still 2008

  12. 2008 is when Iron Man 1 came out. So, 635 Marvel movies ago.

  13. I genuinely don't understand. Like, do these guys not know that you can just google "boobs"???

  14. I think it's about the sense of intimacy that it's a thing between just them. Predatory as all fucking hell.

  15. For checking backdoors from introduced packages, get your company's IT to do an install (or if the iso is live bootable, do it from the live environment) and get apt to spit out a complete package list and save it to text file. Then get one of the integrator's installs to spit out an apt package list. Run some program that can compare the contents of text files. (They exist, and I think there's a command line tool, but I've not done it in years, so I can't be specific off the top of my head.)

  16. According to a thread in the Mint forums, the driver is included in kernel 5.12 and later. Debian 11 is running 5.10. If you like running Debian, it's not hard to backport newer kernels. Otherwise, Fedora is updated to 5.17, the latest Ubuntu flavours (22.04) are running 5.15, the next Mint release (slated for next month) is running 5.15, the latest Slackware is running 5.15, and OpenSUSE Leap 15.4 is running 5.14.

  17. Smart fridges basically run on Linux. Even if the hardware isn't up to much, there is such a thing as twitter clients that run in command line.

  18. What does "run in command line" mean? I know that Linux is a programming language, is that what Android devices are programmed with?

  19. Linux is a family of operating systems, not a programming language. (An operating system is what Windows, Android iOS or MacOS is.) Android is built on the Linux kernel - the kernel is the bit of the operating system that the apps talk to and in turn talks to the computer's hardware through drivers.

  20. Just curious…why would last name disqualify you? No need for specific last name of course…is it a particular ethnicity or something?

  21. Shit. I think I know that McDonald's. It's the one in Kings Norton, Birmingham...

  22. They like boobs to a level that can be pretty concerning at times lol

  23. As a bloke, I find it odd that if you have an even passing interest in feet, you're a "fetishist" but if you have a complete obsession with boobs, that's accepted as normal. Society, man...

  24. Hello everyone. I installed the gtk Dracula theme, but when I go to apply it, the borders of the windows and clickable tabs disappear. As you can see in the screenshot, the options are all stuck to each other. How can I fix it?

  25. This looks like either a bug in xfce's theme engine or a bug in the theme. I'd report this directly to both parties (the

  26. There used to be an app with a panel widget called Orage, but it got abandoned a few years ago. I think it got dropped because its developers never ported it to GTK 3.

  27. Why are you ruling out the two major Debian based KDE distros? You've effectively asked, "What's the best Debian based KDE distro (don't recommend the best Debian based KDE distros)?"

  28. If you want it pre-secure, Fedora has its firewall preconfigured and a program called Security Enhanced Linux installed. For pure stability, always Debian but you'll have to do any hardening work yourself, including setting up the firewall. Both lead you to a FOSS-first install.

  29. Exciting Violinist has given the best answer so far, but I just want to add that XFCE is pretty modular. Its window manager and compositor is xfwm and it can be disabled and partially disabled in settings in favour of something else. This isn't just a couple of slider buttons, though, it's a page of check boxes, so read carefully and make sure you know what you're doing. Also you need to add the something else and its configuration to the list of programs to run at startup.

  30. Thanks for the helpful information. Given the fact that you use Debian and that I'm going to go ahead and actually use Debian instead, I was wondering if you could answer two questions:

  31. Well, QEMU is a machine emulator and virtualiser. If you're trying to run it on a virtual machine, the problem may be with your VM setup. (I know nothing about virtual machines, so my help ends here.)

  32. It might be fun to just talk gibberish in front of juniors.

  33. As a member of my university sci-fi society I barked random harsh syllables at another 3rd year student and he replied in kind. We managed to convince a fresher for about 30 seconds that we spoke Klingon.

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