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  1. Haha I don't really play with my brain switched off, I just think when the game is getting intense and I'm handling offense and defense I sorta just throw him down without really thinking about it. That placement has sorta become a habit

  2. This man has a repetitive brain problem in the game, that I myself couldn’t imagine happening? Downvote!

  3. those chests doesn't do shit when you're xp 11 lol, beside if you could fucking read you'd know I said it was cheaper in my currency bruh.

  4. BOUGHT BATTLE PASS TWICE!!! P2W!!1!1!!!111🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. Is Tartarus not viable anymore? Just started playing again after a few years

  6. Me as well. Had some lung pain for a couple days off of a 3chi HHC cart

  7. I wanna say the cereal milk or the blue razz. Both taste amazing

  8. Sorry I’m a little late, it’s great.

  9. Everyone should work in retail or any min wage jobs. That’ll humble the shit out of you and see how life is like from that pov

  10. Yup. You even notice the simple things you wouldn’t have thought of. Like stacking your plates at a restaurant, to make it easier for whoever’s bussing.

  11. Nope. Your iPhone notifies you when there is an unregistered one nearby.

  12. I’m on 100mg of Pristiq, which is an SNRI, and a high dose. I have no problems. BUT if I’m smoking d8 and take my meds a little late, I tend to get those annoying brainzaps a little earlier.

  13. Anyone else can’t see arenas damage/kills during match?

  14. Kid Ink. Idk what ever happened to dude

  15. Its a good album. Easily the weakest on here and took the spot of possibly another album that could be a better conrender

  16. And what would that other contender be? You realize there’s an alternative rock band on here, right?

  17. Hell hath no fury, below the heavens, tha carter (2 or 3), and if op was ok with adding gorrilaz then i dont see why donuts by jdilla couldnt be there.

  18. I agree, but why not replace Green Day instead?

  19. The dog estimates the time of your return home by how much of your smell is left in the house from your morning routine.

  20. I read this, and then an hour later hopped on Instagram to see uberfacts just posted it, lol. Simulation moment.

  21. People still believe that after that horrible picture of her, mgk, Travis barker, and a couple others went around the internet?

  22. Where this will affect them? Yes. If you have a single maxed card this affects you. If you have a single maxed legendary this affects you a lot. Not only will you periodically get a 20k gold drop from a chest that’s more common the more maxed legendaries you have, the moment you have one maxed legendary you can trade a legendary you don’t care to upgrade for 20k gold. You’re not gonna be getting 100k gold from a Mega Lightning Chest with one maxed deck and zero maxed champions, but you might get 50k.

  23. Saving this comment. Thank you for the knowledge.

  24. Soon we’ll have self driving cars, and you’re suggesting everyone should know stick?

  25. If you drive an automatic you are nothing more than a steering wheel attendant, there is no skill in driving an automatic whatsoever, with a manual car you learn skills like how to use the engine and the gears to slow you down as opposed to having to use the brake like you have to in an automatic.

  26. I INSERT the SHIFTER in my ASS and become one with the MANUAL- this guy

  27. Watch how the US dominates in the Olympics basketball games, then you’ll understand

  28. I was talking about like how terrible they are for mental health and styff like that but I guess your right

  29. Reddit is full of people asking that same question and they still expect something different. This is no DC world or Marvel world. This is The Boys. People are just going to abuse their powers. Don't expect justice seekers

  30. If you’ve ever read ‘Steelheart’ , I can imagine the world would be something like that

  31. My girlfriend chooses to only say “married iguanas” and I internally cringe every single time

  32. I think they're referring to Off the Grid

  33. I literally think about this every fucking time I hear “off the grid” now. I heard it like twice on Kendrick’s new album.

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