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  1. Odds of dying while bungee jumping: About two in one million chances of death.

  2. How is covid 1 in 12 when the survival rate was like 98% or something (can’t remember the exact figure, but it’s up in that range)

  3. Submit feedback in the app asking for it. If there’s enough requests they’ll see how important it is for their users

  4. It’s not spotty reception. Telus installs their single LTE cell tower there. So Telus customers get first priority to bandwidth. However any cell tower gets overwhelmed when 15000 devices are constantly pinging it for data. GPS location on your phone is regularly pinging your location, apps are refreshing for new notifications in background, photos and videos you took might be attempting to backup to the cloud. LTE bandwidth is already constrained for that purpose. But then you will have people checking their social media feeds, uploading new content, phoning friends/family.

  5. “Newer vehicle” being pretty much everything made in the last 15-20 years

  6. Why do I only find out about these cool events after they happen? Am I just not paying attention? Where are these events advertised?

  7. Beakerhead has happened every year, even during pandemic, for the last several years. There has been banners downtown, instagram ads and more.

  8. As of right now, the last track “As One” is not available in Atmos for me, but the rest of the album is

  9. It shouldn’t be locked to premium, but having Picture in Picture mode for the last year or so on iOS YouTube app has been such a game changer for me. That and background audio. And of course, no ads.

  10. I don’t get it. It’s scanning the outside of your ears. But you put these in your ear canals. I feel like this is just a gimmick. It would be different for AirPods max though.

  11. In order to simulate a multi channel Atmos mix it delivers a binaural mix down of the several channels and calculates the arrival time to the listener position. Where your ears are on your head, how wide apart they are, and what angle they face, changes those arrival times ever so slightly. Remember, there is multiple channels of audio arriving to each ear. With stereo, you are just getting the left channel in your left ear, and the right channel in your right ear. However, if you were to sit in front of a stereo speaker system instead of headphones, you’d get both the left and right channels entering both ears, with different arrival times. Dolby Atmos takes that simulation of listening in a room, but one step further and adds multi channel surround from sides, rear & above. As if you were sitting in a room with those speakers actually all around you. It isn’t just inserting the left channel into only your left ear and so forth. Your right ear is also getting the left channel, just at a slightly delayed arrival time.

  12. I dunno, looks like a fungi to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Only wish we got the full production for Vancouver show. Was disappointed the arches weren’t there

  14. Uhhh maybe they’re thinking of AlunaGeorge? I think she played 2016

  15. That was what I was gonna say too. Definitely Aluna George at Pagoda

  16. I’ll have to look into this, but I always assumed there was a higher risk of over dosing with ketamine. I admit I am very new to all of this, but even in micro doses psilocybin had good day to day benefits fighting depression and anxiety

  17. Pharmaceutical ketamine is much different than the street drug. It’s a nasal spray. I had to run audio for a big pharma convention and there was a seminar about how ketamine is/was entering stage 3 clinical trials with massively positive implications on patients suffering from depression. Much less side effects & less long term dosage needed than say Prozac.

  18. Not surprised. This was 3 years ago now. Wasn’t sure how long it takes to move from trials to prescribed

  19. I moved in June this year from the 3rd floor to 15th floor in one of the London Towers off Heritage & Macleod. Different landlord, but cost went from $1200 with utilities included to $1420 without utilities (about $80 a month).

  20. It looks like it’s made for a case. Maybe it comes with one.

  21. That was my thought too. Which would allow further personalization to the look of the Watch and would make that jut out be flush to the case

  22. Umm, it's 10:30 now, and I live over 300m away... It just would've been nice to have some notice that a dozen douchebags would be blasting bass through my closed windows for six hours straight.

  23. It’s a long weekend and sound ordinance goes to 11pm. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. This guy got arrested with a garbage bag full of stolen cell phones in 2019 I believe. He’s banned from ever coming back

  25. To answer one of your questions, the Traffic Noise Bylaw specifies 96 dBA, in residential areas that seems like a logical place to start. Admittedly it's not a great bylaw, it seems more targeted towards the garage tinkerer who's gunning their engine in the driveway at all hours. There's limited enforcement opportunities without other excessive noise detection options. Exceptions for city busses, waste collection, and road crews would be a optimal.

  26. It’s a bit more complicated than this unfortunately.

  27. It does specify any point of reception, so that would include the source. But yes, the bylaw really doesn't get into the weeds when it needed to. And I don't think a decimetre is part of an officers kit.

  28. Right, but what I’m saying is, a microphone setup on a street light for example, is several feet away from the actual source emitting the offensive noise. And while it may be above volume, the further it actually is away from where the measurement takes place, the lower that measurement will be.

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