1. If you set aside the inculpatory evidence against Adnan, the general framework of Sellers as an alternative suspect is:

  2. My point was people read the rants. It’s part of the reason why they’re there. I feel like you’re goading me into something I probably shouldn’t comment on, but if you want to be highly technical I don’t think you can say dicta is entirely meaningless. Someone explained it to me once and there are places for dicta in legal arguments.

  3. I think it's there because the majority could not salvage anything from the proceedings below that would allow them to treat the procedural defects as non-fatal.

  4. I’m having trouble understanding this the way you worded it. Can you rephrase it?

  5. The ACM majority found that the defects around the treatment of Young Lee could be fatal, but before treating them as fatal to the entire proceeding below, looked at whether there was anything otherwise redeemable about the proceeding below. Their answer was no.

  6. The Brady violation I just explained which led you to introduce your useless fact of the day.

  7. In fact there were two Brady violations. One involving Bilal's wife and the other which I am referring to here is about an unknown witness (by unknown I mean unknown to the public) who called Urick about their concern for Bilal and a motive for Bilal to harm Hae. (see page 7 of the motion to vacate).

  8. Your comment is filled with errors. In Maryland, murder is a common law crime with the punishments/degrees set out in statutes.

  9. What are the mock charges and what does the applicable statute in your mock jurisdiction state the elements of the crime are?

  10. There are a few errors initially, such as his age being 17 in the year 2000, but these disappear as you read through the articles. To be fair, the author does note later when AS was born, so he was thinking of AS as 17 when he committed the murder.

  11. so they are blocking/suppressing even when you and I are in a conversation... that's a new low...

  12. I'm guessing it was filtered because I traced erroneous info about Mark Martin to another redditor.

  13. Okay. I will go with that since you have more experience. Though it's semantics of what issuance means compared to when a mandate goes into effect.

  14. Without a stay, the SCM deadline would have been 15 days after the denial of a timely filed motion for reconsideration. The motion was denied on May 2.

  15. I just don’t think it’s that deep. When the missing persons investigation with Baltimore County became a homicide investigation in Baltimore City, she must have thought the park was really an hour into the city, forgetting the county line was a measly few miles.

  16. The interview was recorded in August 2013. The decision to do a multi-episode podcast wasn't made until around January 2014. The podcast episode debuted in October 2014. That's 14 months.

  17. Because at the time she didn't know any better? The specific transcript reads:

  18. It was AS. It's the only theory that goes the distance.

  19. TIL that you cannot file for post-conviction relief in Maryland unless Leakin Park is at least 11 miles away from Woodlawn HS. /s

  20. Forgive me as I forget a lot of the details of this case, but wasn’t Mr. S’s DNA found on Hae’s shoes? Or was that just a rumor?

  21. Why wouldn't he qualify if had booked a flight to Pakistan?

  22. Perhaps the immigration attorney who later bought Bilal's daycare center could help.

  23. So wouldn't they want to appeal the SCM and ask for a stay on the stay to give them more time? It seems like they are going down to the wire and just crossing fingers.

  24. It's easy for me to say, but I think SCM is tired of this case and what they are trying to do.

  25. Without a 60 day stay, the mandate would have issued after 30 days. However, a timely motion for reconsideration would have delayed the issuance of the mandate, and in the case of a denial, until the filing of the order of denial. So, without a stay, the mandate would have gone into effect in early May, only few days after the default 30 day period. Then the SCM 15 day countdown would begin.

  26. The states own prosecutors office, Adnans attorney and a judge disagree with you. We will see what happens at the SC of Md. If there were notes regarding an interview where a witness reported to police that Bilal threatened to “kill Hae” that is evidence that should have been provided to the defense. The prosecutor office was not aware of it and showed no record of it being turned over. Of course Urick is going to minimize this. He doesn’t even know exactly what the 2nd violation is. His credibility is questionable also after he provided Jay with an attorney “pro bono” that was known to him rather than providing him with a state public defender like every other black kid in Baltimore would have received. He’s just as problematic for me as Ritz.

  27. Am I incorrect believing that he was 23 at the time of the murder? Sorry, just looked it up and he was 22. I'm not judging it in any way, but I know when I was that age dating a high schooler in your 20's was grounds for a serious mocking.

  28. All facts point toward 2nd degree grievous bodily harm murder as top of indictment - prior to 4/16?/99 GJ Indictment, BPD charged 1st degree in 3/1/99 Statement of charges, argument at PH challenging probable cause would be that BPD charged 1st degree as a tactic to prevent AS from asserting right to Reverse Waive homicide charge to Juvenile Court.

  29. i don’t think this is a fair characterization. Here are the questions presented:

  30. One group loves her lividity analysis for bail purposes but is silent when it comes to her sworn strangulation testimony.

  31. https://www.adnansyedwiki.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/MRPA-20161014-Ex33-Pathologist-Hlavaty-Autopsy-Lividity-Burial-Time-Affidavit.pdf

  32. Think about the context. This was an attempt to get bail and didn't even move the needle for very pro-Justin Brown-biased Judge Welch.

  33. If your conviction is thrown out because of a Brady violation you are exonerated. Under the eyes of the law, Adnan is innocent until proven guilty.

  34. Okay? You haven't raised a single argument. Get back to me when you have one, thx.

  35. I legitimately have no fucking idea what you're getting at here. Like I think you're trying to burn me over a spelling mistake? But I can't tell what the joke is, since that is, in fact, how that word is spelled and it is how I spelled it above.

  36. The whole reason this round of things happened was because Adnan asked for his sentence to be reduced. So yes the deal could be to reduce his sentence to time served.

  37. They either went to Mosby's office in like the September time frame (can't remember when she said they did) and then Mosby's office spent six months checking into it. Or Feldman checked into it without Adnan's approval and then told Suter let's do DNA testing in May of the next year.

  38. Is there anything in the law that required him to contact Mosby's office before filing a petition? I think the SAO agreed to work with him on October 2, 2021. That is why I say the victim's notice clock started running on October 2, 2021.

  39. If I post one saying “ can we agree HML died on this day” I will get some people denying that too

  40. Without seeing the original, I suspect the latter JRA simply extends the provisions in the section of the Maryland Criminal Code created by the former.

  41. There’s no easy answer to that question because there are several ways the case could proceed. To start, on March 28, 2023 the ACM said:

  42. I’m assuming that’s from a rule, would you mind telling me which on specifically so I can look at it. But I think what you’re asking is, since the court denied the motion for reconsideration should the court issue the mandate effectively making the original stated mandate (reinstating the conviction) go into effect immediately.

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