1. To all 20 AGs, I offer a quote from legendary US Army Staff Sargent Lincoln Osiris, "Suck my unit".

  2. I'm going to go against the grain on this advice. This is terrible advice. What you're describing is hours long struggle sessions. Not only will this fail. This will cause resentment and close doors.

  3. Simply put, most of the comments encouraging her to watch AT videos with her brother are ultimately, hippie dippy kumbaya bullshit. I mean, hell, if it works out, great. But let's be real, dumbo (i'm done walking on eggshells for these people) got sucked into that garbage because of a weak character and poor judgment. Not sure why any of that would change because more people are sharing their eyeballs and valuable time with his favorite cult-du-jour personality.

  4. Russia's plan is to overwhelm Ukraine with the stench of rotting Russian bodies. No really, that's the plan. It has to be.

  5. I feel bad for the kid but it's a freaking bull. If you don't die there's at least a decent chance for serious injury. Leopardsatemyface and all that....

  6. There is only word to describe that level of driving. Brillent.

  7. Some pills make you larger, and some pills make you small...

  8. When I worked at Best Buy we always had folk assure me there 70+” tv would fit in the bed of there truck and would be dumbfounded when it didn’t.

  9. Send him to Russia, he would be happier there.

  10. Send him to one of those 1 story buildings with a window on the 5th floor...

  11. Money launderer for Russian oligarchs, Donald Trump, plans to help Russia succeed with its invasion of Ukraine, his son says.

  12. Withdrawal won't be enough. They simply come right back after re-arming.

  13. Warning: My own comments may trigger me. No idea what they'll do to you but you've been warned.

  14. For some Americans, Canada is their Ukraine. It was a mistake to ignore Putin and his plans to take more terrority from his neighbours. It wouldn't take much for a fascist American president to do the same one day. Will it happen now? No. Can it happen tomorrow? That is the question people like Tucker are working themselves into a frenzy to give us their answer.

  15. SOME conservatives. Just the absolute stupidest and gullible ones. It’s a small but noisy minority.

  16. It's not small. This is the same form of denial that got Trump into power. Regardless of whether or not they believe it fully, they're at least willing to go along with any candidate who does, if they see a chance to replace Trudeau.

  17. Yo, North Korea. If you want to see the US cross the line, attack them. Go ahead, fuck around and found out where that line actually is, fool. In the meantime, sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.

  18. Not really most people have insurance here in one way or another, also medical bills don't affect credit.

  19. It relieves stress and then creates stress. The small inititial benefit gets replaced by the large never-ending cycle of chasing the Dragon.

  20. I have a weird, not at all scientific theory, that the extreme polarization of American politics was catalyzed by the indoor smoking bans that really took off in the early 2000s. This is solely based on the reaction of friends who smoke cigarettes, and continue to do so, and how so so many of them now lean hard right.

  21. Less people smoke now than before. Because of the rise of the internet, the stupid and/or gullible ones became more organized and vocal, that's all.

  22. Rooftop solar doesn't keep your power on during an outage.

  23. I feel like they should just put this sign up at all schools. Even if it's not true, it's at least a deterent. While mass shootings are definitely a multi-faceted issue that needs to be corrected, I believe the reason why schools and shopping malls are most targeted is because the shooter knows there aren't weapons allowed in these spaces (generally). It won't solve the problem, but it's something for the short term.

  24. An armed staff that undergoes regular training and psych evaluations to determine if they are fit to be armed will stop casualties. Security guards seem to be few and far between at schools I’ve visited and if a shooter were to eliminate the few guards present, the entire school is open to incidents like the one at Uvalde. Let me reiterate a point: I’m not saying all faculty and staff members should have firearms, just the ones who are carefully trained and evaluated.

  25. This magical training you're imagining exists, when will police receive it? Properly trained police, which are rare in America, take years to train. Will some teachers be excluded from teaching if they don't meet these rigorous security requirements? A 55 year old teacher with arthritis who can't handle a gun will be forced to retire? What about the 40 year old who sucks at the range no matter how much training? They can't be a teacher either despite having all the actual teaching skills? What if most of the staff don't cut the mustard at the gun range and the psyche evals? The reality of what you're imagining is at a level of fantasy and ignorance. Those are not solutions.

  26. I would only agree if this is the precedent set for everyone.

  27. Where are you seeing this Muslim baker problem exactly? And also where are these groups of gay bakers refusing to bake cakes for non-gays?

  28. Not because they’re morally reprehensible, but because they’re not paying…

  29. Putin is spelled Bitch. Please update all headlines. Thank you.

  30. Putin is spelled Bitch. Please update all headlines. Thank you.

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