1. I really only care about on court stuff. It's when off court stuff affects the on court product that it becomes an issue.

  2. I think that’s the issue tho. Kyrie’ off court antics do affect his teams

  3. Yeah but this guy is saying in his post title about "antisemitic" being an issue about him being on the team. Kyrie can believe anything he wants but I have no complaints about his ability on the court.

  4. The idea is very enticing. Would solve the offense issues. Kyrie driving and kicking out.

  5. Idk why this sub hates these type of endings. I'm fine with it. Showing daily slice of life of couples with no more progress would be boring and dull.

  6. It doesn't have to be boring if written right, it's just most don't expand on it right.

  7. He was a top 5 player at his peak

  8. Not really. Shaq, Duncan, KG, Iverson, Carter, Dirk, Nash, and Kobe were all better than him during his prime.

  9. Iverson? Carter?? Nash????? LMFAO

  10. Yeah, They've actually won a playoff series. I find it very hard to think that a perennial playoff loser would be considered a better player than MVP winners.

  11. I feel like next year is the real test because as scary as Kawhi’s injury history is and his overall playtime has been he is coming back from a major injury and he may just need more time to heal. But if next year he can’t stay on the court I think it’s time

  12. That's the most optimistic option. In reality another season of injuries and team not having any cohesion, unity and identity.

  13. Giving out free emotes now. only took them 3 plus years. not counting bish since that was so long ago)

  14. Yeah the Embiid non-foul literally reminded me of this play. Yet it was Lakers fans all gloating how LeBron "locked" up Kawhi and PG

  15. LeBron did the same thing to Kawhi during their bubble matchup, but everyone saw it as LeBron locking up Kawhi, when actually LeBron also held Kawhi's wrist.

  16. Poor Cathy Parkes got sued by ATI for supposedly stealing their material and teaching the test. I hate ATI.

  17. Kawhi didn't just shoot the Clippers in the foot, he took off all their limbs. Dumb move to mortgage the future of the team he's signing with to get PG. Kawhi needs to get called out.

  18. Clippers are loaded with talent. Players are playing subpar or coach not using them right. Idk how you can still blame Kawhi's free agency signing on their current woes.

  19. Wait, since when has the breaker resumed? I was sure it was as dead as vagabond!

  20. Champion Gate area has had major development the past few years. The stupid diamond exchange didn't do anything. Plus I think people from Haines City and Poinciana, not to mention Davenport on 27 also use that road to get to I4.

  21. The team culture - lack of commitment to winning practices (D, rebounding, ball movement) is too lacking on the Clippers and no accountability.

  22. It is pretty telling when the team gets double-digit turnovers almost every game. Kawhi's my favorite player but his non-commitment to strap up, take leadership and hold other players accountable and his whole regular season don't matter attitude has rubbed off on the team in the worst way possible. 4 years in and the team still lacks identity, cohesion, and chemistry. It's like these guys have no focus on winning the championship and is just all talk.

  23. This manga got nothing going for it except the hot girls and boobs.

  24. Alright it seems like a perfect chapter to drop this manga. The mangaka clearly wrote themselves into a corner. It could've just been airhead typical romcom antics but they clung to the airhead title too much and introduced unnecessary drama and tension. Shame, it had such a nice vibe in the beginning.

  25. I liked the comfy vibes with Ria and Deeto at the beginning. Started getting annoyed at the cat girl and the co-worker.

  26. Haven’t seen a nerf that ruined the weapon to the point you won’t use it anymore.

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