1. Chiming in with all the others to say that I love mine. I’m a large human - 6’2”, 275 - but the largest size of the Magma fits me like a glove. Have had it down to around 30 and was still toasty with a baselayer on (although I run hot because big fella).

  2. Im a warm sleeper too. I have the 30 bag but use as a quilt for hammocking. Its the first bag ive ever used where the temp rating is for sure correct, for me.

  3. Do people not look at all the other posts?

  4. I mean this is mostly a subreddit dedicated to not firearms type stuffs, whereas gafs is.

  5. Well the description for this sub does say things related to hunting.. op does mention its good for small game hunting.

  6. The goal is to find the most appropriate market. A benchmade goes quick on

  7. I have all the pistol inserts if you just need those? Idk if you want full kywi pouches and separate inserts or just full kywi pouches.

  8. Swampfox arrowhead 1-10x red mil reticle, aero UL mount?

  9. Thats the bag they came in but they are definitely left handed. Idk if it refers to the fact that they mount on the right side of the belt? 🤷

  10. PSA has toolcraft NIB bcg and 10pmags for 200 regularly, preeetty solid deal. Or nitride with 10 pmags 150.

  11. I wanted a PCC. Shot a CZ scorpion, had as much recoil as an AR15. Less concussive and sharp, but simialr muzzle rise. I dont own a scorpion now.

  12. Check Patagonia used, they had a black one for 75 recently

  13. I use the eno sub7 for my gear. Idk how much the gear hammock weighs, but the sub7 can also be setup as a regular hang for a quick hang or for a friend, so more versatile.

  14. My instructor is older and smaller than me, out of respect, i dont tap him, and dont even try. Everyone else can say whatever they want, but i dont tap my instructor. My instructor has been in combat sports for legit 47 years, and his body is appropriately broken.

  15. I got the 3hd 1.5-5 illum. Cds from a website online for 500 new, they had to email the price, if you want me to look it up, send me a pm and i will this afternoon.

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