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  1. you could always use agrax earthshade/nuln oil on just about any color scheme

  2. you could use some strike teams, i think they're better at doing aerospace compared to kroot, post nephilim

  3. supposedly putting them in warm water should do it, i've seen people using hair dryers too

  4. Angelina Jolie (Jon Voight), Michael Douglas (Kirk Douglas), tracee ellis Ross (Diana Ross)

  5. Boy am I dumb, i always thought it was michael Douglas both in Spartacus and falling down

  6. i use wraithbone, i've tried black and i usually have to apply 3 coats of tau light ochre before it actually looks yellow

  7. Downvote or not, f1 could totally ignore Chinas actions. It took russia like what, 3 invasions until they stopped races? And only because the last one was in europe

  8. no kroot hounds or krootox? krootox are the strongest target for kroot relics and power of the tides afaik

  9. i've never thought about it, but yeah, a hammerhead could definitely benefit from a 5++

  10. I think all drones could have 5++ with this Sept tenet.

  11. it's more expensive than kroot, but i still run 3 breachers/strike teams for the 3 early game aerospace markers. i've tried doing the one in my deployment zone with kroot, and sometimes they might get shot with something like smart missiles, which shouldn't do enough to kill them, but might do just enough to get them to run away from morale

  12. Homelander cosplaying Norm MacDonald

  13. i asked the same question on warhammercompetitive last week, general advice is to run a lot of high ap stuff, mainly hammerheads (or broadsides if you don't have any) and crisis suits, pathfinders with rail rifles. And to always stay at least 17" away from them, although i'm not sure how you're supposed to score anything on objectives that way

  14. master of the killing blow? yes, it mainly stops feel no pains and per-turn-wound-limits like the one abaddon has

  15. if you don't want to waste people's times by constantly reading rules and profiles, preemptively write down your unit datasheets combined with their abilities, it becomes a lot more condensed and easy to read this way, especially since rules might be split along different pages in the codex

  16. само не вземай стол с мрежа където е седалката, че като неизбежно почнеш да ядеш пред компа, през тая мрежа няма как да са чисти

  17. you can only lose a monaco race so many times. the rest of the season shenanigans are a bonus

  18. i wouldn't bother with small infantry. makes sense on something big and expensive like a crisis suit, but considering the time and effort it would take to magnetize infantry, i'd honestly just rather get more of them instead of magnetizing

  19. I have added the FNP column to the to-do list. Shouldn't be that difficult to add. I will probably hide the column when it's empty though.

  20. Broadsides with plasma rifles would work well. Hammerheads could also put in work.

  21. i want to run broadsides with plasma, but i can't live without stabilized optics right now, i'd much rather be able to move and not hit on 5s

  22. Coldstar is a trap I think, especially in this matchup where DG have so much durable obsec.

  23. I think you're wrong about the stealthsuits, I can't put them on the enemy edge unless I'm missing a rework of the core rule.

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