1. i want to be this comfortable with my itty bitties

  2. I know right? She performs on stage with just pasties on too sometimes. And she looks gorgeous and feminine af 🤗

  3. I got the app in 2020, right before the pandemic. It’s supposed to be fun 😭😭I don’t watch ads all that much. Just try not to take it so seriously

  4. I always knew it to be the 40s. The stuff in the early eps always screamed very old timey to me. I’ve been watching the shows/movies since I was very little

  5. I don’t see many things that genuinely make me laugh but this is just too real 😭😭

  6. Yup, I always feel horrible about it but I just rage 😭

  7. Where else are they supposed to go? They’re Bosnian citizens, or citizens of wherever, is it better/fair to make some middle eastern country deal with all of them? To somewhat care for them in these camps a lot of them live in? I don’t think so…take them back and jail them or do whatever with them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. They can shoot them or whatever they want... We dont care 🤷‍♂️

  9. Or we can execute them if we chose to, the onus shouldn’t all be on these other countries. And who is “we” ? Do they have international support to mass execute all these people? Or would they still be blamed for resorting to that too? It really shouldn’t all be their problem or choice. In my opinion at least

  10. “You’re not super skinny but you’re not fat” “you look so much better/healthier” and after a meal “you must have been hungry”

  11. One of my relatives’ favorites lines is “you used to be too skinny and now you’re not” it’s a compliment in their eyes but I want to skin myself alive

  12. Almost certainly nothing to worry about if they don’t think you’re currently a danger to yourself. But they’ll want to dig into it and discuss your motivations and how you feel about it.

  13. I wouldn’t be here to deal with them, so they aren’t my issues.

  14. Zao mi je sto imas slicne probleme :-( Nadam se da ce ti dani biti bolji, ti si dobra osoba ❤️❤️

  15. Yup, my extended family would love to find out about me taking meds and going to therapy because it would just be ammunition to talk shit about me. I begged my parents for help when I was younger, telling them I wanted to kms, and they refused. It’s hard not to feel resentful but I guess they were all raised like that too.

  16. yes i totally understand you. sometimes i think that i don’t deserve the body i’ve got because i’m always just wearing clothes that hide my body so much. i wish i could enjoy being small

  17. Exactly! Out of the house I basically wear hoodies and sweatpants cause that’s all I’m comfortable in. I get looks and praise when I wear crop tops and shit but I do that so rarely

  18. Part of me still resents my pediatrician for this, almost a decade later

  19. Almost like there is a correlation between women and commitment. For example, women have more attempts to commit suicide while men have more suicides.

  20. I mean maybe. The suicide one could also be that men are more likely to own guns which are more likely to be lethal than like Tylenol or some shit. Or a million other theories

  21. Is it the sandžaklija genes that made me flat then😔

  22. I’m happy for him but now I have so much competition 😪🤣

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