1. Thank you so much! It was at a very small convention se were lucky to find this spot! This set isn't the "definitive" One, I want to improve my makeup and we prepared so many props for the next time! I am so hyped!

  2. I bormally dont really comment on cosplay stuff bc its not rlly my thing but This is possibly the most on point cosplay of jinx ive seen. Not just in the outfit but u actually look like her. Very well done.

  3. Thank you so much! I spent a lot of time with my friends styling the wig and this actually my third attempt with her make up! I am really proud of all this work so thank you REALLY REALLY MUCH!

  4. Really nice! Hope you had fun at the convention :)

  5. Thank you!! It was super fun! A guy even gifted me an hextech Crystal!

  6. This is great! I can tell you put a bunch of time into ur eyes, you look like her!

  7. Yes I did!! Thank you for notocing! I was using a bunch of reference picture from the anime/art and kogal make-up style irl. I wanted to resemble her but in a realistic kind of way SO AGAIN THANK YOU!!!

  8. A well done and cute cosplay. Is the bag just a prop or is it actually usable ?

  9. It was usabile! Inside It was full of wadding tho but I kept there my wallet my phone and some make-up!

  10. lookin great! did you make the backpack or get it from somewhere?

  11. Looks great! There aren't a lot of accurate cosplay nowadays, so it's nice to see one that definitely looks like an official design. Though I will admit, I personally don't really get the NSFW tag. There's nothing inappropriate about these pictures.

  12. Are you crazy? You think a girl in a swimsuit is an appropriate picture in a work environment?

  13. Hair and makeup is on point. Looks really accurate! Great job!

  14. Thank you so much! I spent a lot of time on those so I am really Happy ;_;

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