1. I guess I can't help you on this because I can't take a decent picture of myself, but there is some Paul Dano vibe there, maybe you can reference some of his poses and pictures and get inspired..I dunno, I was always pretty bad at this.

  2. Thanks guys for all your comments! They really made my day

  3. It happens, now you have to sit down and prioritize and optimize everything.

  4. Pure gold! I will print it and spread this everywhere! Thanks from the bottom of my heart

  5. I hope you get a lot of advice, because it's advice i sorely need as well

  6. The problem here is that I am this type of person outside of work..I tend to say "yes" to everything and everyone with the wrong assumption that I will be of any help or simply that I will "please" people. Such a wrong thing to in the personal life and even worse in the professional

  7. Which question? Regarding the negative feedback? As I said, they said they saw some reduced quality in my work . This was the negative feedback

  8. It means that they found some mistakes in the service I provide. Some very newbie mistake actually

  9. Leave it behind...your girl is with you now. We don't owe people, we just share a portion of our personal story with them. She was enjoying sex with another man as you probably did with another woman, but now you are sharing your own story and that's what matters the most. Good luck!

  10. Let me dig through my notes, foundry built me a Python module for studio as a bug fix once and integrating the code was different than how you do it in regular Nuke.

  11. And one more bit that I think goes in the menu.py, post surgery right now and won’t be home for a few days.

  12. If you’re using physically-based shaders, that’s a good place to start before you go down the rabbit hole of shader math (at some later point in your journey).

  13. Nono, it didn't sound harsher at all to me and you made a clear point: I need to learn more about real life photography and then translate to 3D. It's definetly a great suggestion and I am thankful for this.

  14. Someone would need more context to help you with this one . You could be in a toxic relationship and be better off going for your dream Job . Or vise verse. I’d say ask people closer to you that know more about your personal life and your relationship . Maybe even a therapist who you can open up with etc. that could take time … which you prob don’t have ..but if I were in your situation like a user posted earlier id write the pos and cons . That’ll help you get a clearer answer . You can always meet someone else in Germany that could work better for you relationship wise or you won’t . No one knows . Ask yourself the kind of relationship you’re looking for . Do you have that ? The kind of person that you are etc all these influence your decision . We all have different perspectives and want different things . I don’t think It would be fair advice for anyone to tell you what decision to make without actually knowing more about you .

  15. Thanks, I am going through therapy and it's helping, I have also managed to ask for a delay to the studio in Germany explaining the whole thing, I am not expecting them to get back to me, but I thought to explain why I was uncertain about the offer and that I know this is my chance to finally do something with this career.. I will keep you posted on the outcome

  16. Something my wife and I have done when it comes to big stuff like that, and it sounds kinda silly, is to sit down and write out a pros and cons list. It can really illuminate what "feels" like a good thing and turns out on paper, maybe isn't.

  17. Hi John, well.. have you tried to investigate what is the reason of the problem? I mean..why ar you having long render time? I worked on an ASUS ROG from 2017 on 6K footage, just doing standard comp thing and some CG comp, but it worked decently... I had to pre-render my comp several time to speed up the process. Well, yeah, I had 64 GB of RAM, but your setup is way better than mine. Can you tell more about the project and your tasks?

  18. The front part seems softer and the blacks are slightly lifted compare to the other car. The diffuse shadow could probably be a bit wider.. I didn't check anything else for now. Really good though, nice integration..Will check it more in a moment

  19. I think with this sort of thing it's really important to weigh the pros and cons.

  20. Yeah well... I agree with the "try to be nice and work for a smooth transition", it's just that I never know when it's worth it to burn the bridge or not... The project I am involved now is a total chaos, but I know the people working there and I chose to stay mostly for them, not for the company or the project itself... BUT doing so, over and over, will probably cost me some new chances. With that said I also agree with

  21. As Nuke artist for 12 years+, chances are always there, train your skills on projects, and make yourself a better artist, then you will always find a way out because you will be solid as an artist on every projects/studios need, and thinks in the other way, the demands on artists are always there; just be patient.

  22. Just curious is there a reason you want to do a hard repath inside the scripts? You could just write a simple filenameFilter at the menu.py/init.py level and it will redirect paths under the hood. Nuke also has some GUI based redirect tools as well in the prefs.

  23. If I'm not mis-understanding what you want to do... You just want to replace the drive letter such as C:/ with D:/ or //server/path to D:/

  24. why would you convert it to static mesh? just export your skeletal mesh, import to maya and export back to unreal. just make sure not to change bone hierarchy (and disable every bone hierarchy changing option in export and import settings) and you should be fine

  25. Thanks honya, when you say "reimport" you mean to use the "update base mesh" option right?

  26. i'd say right click on your skeletal mesh in your content browser, and click on the reimport with a new file button. maybe the "update base mesh" is the same, i dont know

  27. Thanks Gatita_Gordita, yes I totally agree and I am a huge supporter of the "consistence makes perfect" approach. Regarding the therapy I agree with you, it seems she is more open to that nowadays, also because she got promoted at work, so I guess she feels more "entitled" to ask for help than before. The punchline is that she doesn't want to be fat, but she fears to face the reality, constanly asking "do you think I am fat?" and I don't know what to reply, because she may be fat, but that's not intrinsically a bad thing or something that lowers her value or anything like that...

  28. Thanks so much man! This is very helpful, will try for sure!

  29. Hi there! Thanks a lot for sharing it! Won't you mind if I add some details here? :)

  30. I can tell you what I think about KenTools right here and right now: I love you! You helped me in a very tedious "oldify" project! I was expecting from you some better "neck" mesh adaptation and now you are realising it! That's awesome!

  31. You basically need to get rid of half of your frames. Just changing the frame rate of your script won’t do that, it will effectively make your shot twice as long. You need to retime your footage to be twice the speed.

  32. Hi Conrad, so cool to talk to you here! I remember your course on retiming in nuke, it was awesome! I follow your suggestion and it worked like a charm! Thanks

  33. And then write it out so you're not processing that retime all the time.

  34. If it’s speed you are looking for, try down sampling your image to HD or even 720p and running your echo effect. Then luma keying out just the streaky highlights, reformatting, and compositing back on the original footage with a little blur. Since the streaks would not have much detail anyway due to the long exposure I think it would probably look pretty good.

  35. Thanks mritaki, I am applying exactley your approach!

  36. You could use o-flow or kronos to create an open shutter effect. It might still take a while to process but at least it will be more 'realistic' and also use the GPU, unlike frame blending or time echo.

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