1. With the murdaugh trial the judge asked who has heard about the case and everyone hand went up…

  2. I mean Alex doesn’t speak for the whole family… not everyone in family agree on everything. So maybe some do and some don’t.

  3. "I am the Acting General Counsel for the University of Idaho and oversee the legal services for the University. I first want to express my condolences to each of you for the tragic loss you have suffered. I greatly appreciate the positive manner in which you have interacted with the University in the aftermath of this tragedy.

  4. I’m so confused how you don’t know how to get a gift that isn’t food… like what kind of food do you even give as a gift??

  5. So when it comes the G family wanting justice everyone is like “omg, they don’t even know if he’s guilty yet” 🙄 but than if someone says “could someone else done it or maybe someone else help” so many of you are like “omg, your so dumb for thinking it wasn’t BK. Of course it’s him. LE know what they are doing and have so much evidence on him.”

  6. I just bought one off Amazon for $15. Looks exactly the same and has really good reviews. I just wanted one since we are entering Fair season and I don’t want to deal with a purse and figured this is perfect for holding phone and cash & cards.

  7. Wow only $38 ?? That’s a good price Can you link the Amazon one ?? I wanna take it on my vacation so much easier

  8. 100% possible because they always said it happened in Florida…

  9. Call other vets in the area and explain the situation to them and see if they can tell you that, that wait time is normal and if they take a look at your cat you’d wait that long with them too or they will tell you, it shouldn’t take that long and something else could be going on. And they might even suggest you bring your cat to them and get a second opinion.

  10. Umm are kids even going to know that actor? And you have celebrities out here naming their kid apple and Pilot Inspektor… Elliot Gage is normal.

  11. I sometimes wonder if they already got married… but did a very simple small wedding. With chase parents going to prison and emmy dad health not the greatest.

  12. NTA for saying she looks like a white girl. But soft AH for doing it in the joking way. You should of said “babe the wig is cute and all but it makes you look more like a white girl and since you don’t like being identified as a white girl, you probably shouldn’t wear the wig.”

  13. “I just didn’t want to deal with it” How many other things are you not going to tell him because you don’t want to deal with his emotions.

  14. Wonder what he going to do on his wedding day… tell him a different time.

  15. I totally missed that 🤦🏻‍♀️ Must be a sign I need to go to bed.

  16. YTA. Your daughter is 6! You are acting like she is going to college and you promised to pay for her college. 6 year old doesn’t necessarily need to go to a 20k a year school. She going to learn abcs and 123s you can send her anywhere. Also if your 6 year old is upset about not going to some expensive private school, you have bigger issues on your hand because don’t think any 6 years old care where they go to school….

  17. Who’s going to sacrifice their eyes(and sanity) to give us the tldr?

  18. They went to Bahamas for Tiffany’s birthday. It ended with them heading home and saying they might have to leave the country again as they got a phone call about the earthquake in turkey…

  19. Honestly it would be so much fun to have a sub about me and going on it, reading what people say and than posting stuff to get people talking more. I’d make a game about it

  20. NTA for being upset at your GF but YTA for being a shitty dad and saying no skatepark ever. Your son isn’t going to like you much. Also a 9 year old isn’t too young. Your child is going to get hurt in life stop trying bubble wrap him. Maybe actually teach him about safety and not being afraid in life. Is your child even allowed to ride a bike or is that unsafe too? Can he play sports or he might twist an ankle so that’s a no go….

  21. “This episode ends with a major turn of events, so stay tuned! Lawson and Tiffany have been M.I.A. (missing in action) on their social medias. This video after a month long hiatus from YouTube answers the question - where in the WORLD have they been? Jam packed with water adventure, flamingoes, celebration, and forever love. Watch as this Bates family couple kicks off their world wind journey! Thanks for joining us as we share our personal lives and special memories with you - we love y'all!”

  22. What are there ages? And how old were they when they started talking/dating

  23. Yes! She doesn't have girlfriends on the show like Chase has guy friends. She does have some girls on her podcast that she calls friends. I think she calls Holly a good friend; but Holly is like 10 years older than Savannah, I think. That's weird!

  24. Savannah always seemed to have older friends. Even on the show she go out with friends and they all could drink and she was only like 16/17 at the time.

  25. Ehh. I rather my tax money go to getting prisoners where they need to go over the politicians pockets. This to me isn’t a waste of money at all. Having them on buses will take longer and probably need other vehicles following the bus and such. Plane is Probably the safest way to go.

  26. NTA --- Next time you go somewhere together whatever she is wearing ask, are you really going to wear that can't you put on something that is less revealing, and then see how she likes to be told not to wear something.

  27. Except he keeps asking for her opinion and she is giving it. He doesn’t like the answer. If you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask questions.

  28. No she didn't in most of the posts. Only a few. How do you know she's there. Are you there?

  29. She literally on the BSB story an HR ago talking about today. And has liked the most recent post

  30. Savannah has now mentioned on her podcast that she has taken the kids to see Julie and that she is doing okay. Lindsie has not mentioned seeing Julie yet tho. She’s mentioned two trips to see Todd.

  31. I personally don’t think lindsie is a big fan of Julie. I think some deep childhood issues going on. Wasn’t Todd still married to her mom when he started a relationship with Julie? And than Julie pops out three kids and let’s be honest Todd love Savannah and Greyson. So lindsie get kicked the curb a little.

  32. I will say Emmy’s family or at least Emmy herself has always been in Destin way before chrisley where in prison and even in the picture based on her Instagram post. So if I see post of chase and her down there, I wouldn’t assume they only went to visit Todd. Seems that a huge family vacation and wouldn’t be surprised if her family possibly owns a condo or something there.

  33. What’s up with the profile pic for this page? Why did you all change it to some weird eye thing?

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