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  1. Cuban, O' Leary, Musk, and other billionaire parasites buys into all of this BS. When they get had, they are like "yeah this sucks". Everyone continues to praise them for being smart businessmen who told you so. Like what!?!?!?

  2. Libertarians always had insanely bad takes on the American Civil War. Their lord and savior Ron Paul said that Lincoln should have bought up all of the slaves' freedom to prevent the war. A lot of the comments are like "slavery is bad, but..." or "they should have done instead". Either ignoring a century worth of history on the struggle of slavery before the war or believing in some BS neo-confederate disinformation.

  3. A lot of folks, maybe even most, spend their high school solely preparing to move on to the next journey with a clean slate. Everything within those four years are purely temporary. Including friends. No matter how close the friendship was.

  4. Malcolm Gladwell is a joke of a journalist who likes to play armchair sociologist selling books filled with junk that is easy to digest, but falls apart at the tiniest amount of scrutiny.

  5. The government tried every trick in the book: lower certification standards, break up teachers union, more charter schools, and offload to private schools... except for paying teachers what they deserve.

  6. Huh, last I've heard of Amazing Atheist he became left wing. Oh yeah, I used to be a Sargon fan back in 2014-2016, can I go back in time to give my younger self a slap?

  7. Somewhat similarly. Used to watch a guy called Thunderfoot. He started off railing against bigotry in super religious sects. I was young and deep into the whole skeptic circles at the time.

  8. Consulting company I worked as a developer gave me a 3 GB laptop, 2 core CPU, and a 5200 RPM hard drive with XP installed when I started in late 2012. I tired to get a new one, I was told no. 3 years later I asked but was given the run around.

  9. Better question is why you were sticking with a company that doesn't respect its people for that long?

  10. I left this company 4 years ago. In hindsight I was young and naive. Should have left sooner.

  11. They already overwork and micromanage their employees to oblivion.

  12. Took your team to realize he didn't do anything in 4 weeks. That is astonishing. Remote work is irrelevant here.

  13. It's been a while since I have been out of the consulting game so this may change.

  14. I don't play video games much anymore. But I feel embarrassed to share a hobby with these guys. How pathetic you have to be to think having women in a position of power in a video game is a bad thing.

  15. Yes, let's blame the engineers in the trenches and not incompetent execs at the top coming up with harebrained ideas on how to restore Facebook to its former glory. 🙄

  16. Audiobooks have brought the magic back for me. I read maybe 5 books in the 4 years after college, and do about one per week now. Gym, commute, cooking, etc.

  17. I was super skeptical about audiobooks. I had a period of about a year where I was basically doing hands down CRUD work with maybe 1 or 2 hours of meetings every week while working.

  18. Why do people insist on making posts like this, is work all they have?

  19. The weirdest ones are pics of their newborn in company swag with caption like "welcome to the Deloitte family Kaitlyn".

  20. i fucking hate bill maher, my dad watches him, and he says hes a liberal

  21. I watched a few Bill Maher clips. One of which, he was complaining about people criticizing too much.

  22. Leave an anonymous Glassdoor and Indeed review instead. Don't name your manager outright but describe what they did without being super specific. I would do it after you find a new job and been there for a week or so.

  23. Your average centrist. Could not comprehend anything past "cRiMe Is bAd". The reason why any hope of progress instantly gets steamrolled in America.

  24. Dude gets suspended from twitter. His first response is to make a high production video of himself ranting like a James Bond villain.

  25. What did you disagree with in what he said about twitter?

  26. He completely misconstrues the pride movement. He takes the "pride" way too literal in this context and applies no nuance. He puts no effort of going further than the half-assed "pride month is about pride".

  27. Looks cheap, but not in an endearing way. It's like they got a 8 figure budget and want to find the best way possible to make the cheapest looking movie.

  28. I'm not a fan of it, I know big firms are doing this to "promote collaboration" but I just feel it tears down privacy and encourages people to work harder for fear of taking a moment to make a personal call or take a breather.

  29. My previous office was an open office floor plan. It absolutely sucks. Job I have now, have cubicles with walls and it is breath of fresh air.

  30. Also interested in eventually moving to government…any advice? goal is Gs scale

  31. Can't say much on the federal side. My former collogues from NoVa were able to get federal jobs very easily. It helped that the consulting company I was in specialized in government for half of their portfolio. There are a good bit of them in military towns too that you can go in and apply. Security clearance is a big plus.

  32. Never ever buy an ink based HP printer. Great brand recognition, worst printers ever. Just ask your local IT support.

  33. Got only 50ish pages out of a $20 HP black ink cartridge printing in draft mode. Software that comes with printer adds a lot of junk hidden in between wizards steps. Nothing but horrible experience. I tossed the printer into the dumpster.

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