1. Almost picked this up earlier but didnt wanna risk if. Is it dry? Any smell? Flavor? Effects?

  2. You guys think hes the only one that takes bud home for themselves? Lol…

  3. That big head is something else! One of my favorites.

  4. Lowest heat your straightener goes, 170-190 if you have temps on it. Don’t pre press a nugget. Slowly heat it up and increase the pressure for 30-45 second and then go full pressure.

  5. Klutch has been doing good, woodward is always awesome cant think of any others rn that id say are consistently cured good

  6. Tried Klutch’s ice cream cake and was pretty disappointed

  7. Im not a huge fan of ice cream cake. Try bighead and sherbhead. Mac1 is a good one thats slept on. Catfish and motorbreath are fire

  8. Kings mustache, layer cake, motorbreath, gmo

  9. Idk how long they’ve been doing 2 month cures but its doing its job. They’re killing it. Bought a few jars recently for the first time in a little while. Big head and sherbhead on point!

  10. How does a GMO strain come out with a grape flavor??

  11. This one is wet hay lol. Gets me fried tho

  12. Just picked it up, smells like hay and seems wet. Dont grab this batch from the botanist akron.

  13. Lucky because I have been checking the menu since 9 this morning and haven't seen one half with the Klutch sale. The menu in Newark is always better than the Cuyahoga Falls menu.

  14. When I had it, it was good enough. Not much smell to it but effects were there.

  15. I bought one and I don’t like it. I haven’t tried any others though to compare

  16. It doesn’t hit as hard as a mighty but is way easier to clean. Hits per bowl is a tricky question as you start at a lower temp and keep increasing until no vapor then save all the vaped product for edibles in the future.

  17. Does it make you cough at least a little? I like to feel my hits lol

  18. Looks pretty good actually. Was thinking about grabbing it. Thoughts?

  19. Colorado may have been one of the first with legal weed, but it's certainly trying its hardest to be the worst legal program in the nation.

  20. This is not “ground”, it is shake and should be labeled as such….

  21. I found their super lemon haze to be quite harsh. The black jack smells and tastes very similar but no harshness!! Both decent tho

  22. Hopefully they have multiple price brackets, rather than just two tiers.

  23. Or none. It would be nice to get it even cheaper or at least stay the same.

  24. I can never get my hands on this. Either comes at a bad time or i cant find it when im able to get it. How are the effects?

  25. I remember i had some bud years ago that was ALL purple no orange hairs or anything. I was scared to smoke it. It tasted like grapes.

  26. You can get it online but I'd suggest looking into making your own. You can pretty easily depending what you make. I can make a g of RSO/FECO, oil, 1000mg tincture,etc for as cheap as 5-10$ in material. I use CBD flower for more of the other cannabinoids but I've got isolate I use sometimes too. You can get bulk flower and cannabinoids online for really cheap

  27. Would the extraction process be the same as if it were thc flower?

  28. Similar lemon to slushee would be Electric PB cookies by galenas. Also runner up would be truffletini by certified if u can find a good batch.

  29. I loved dolce by klutch. Havent tried the lemon slushee but the dolce was extremely tasty. Too bad its not around anymore. Along with their sundae driver.

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