1. Woman, not offended as I didn't grow it, and it is decent smoking flower apart from the appearance. Unfortunately I do believe the smashability busts a lot of the precious resin glands which releases the volatile terpenes which then evaporate and you're left with less beneficial plant material (a.k.a. "less sticky icky").

  2. Smashability…. Im gonna use that word every chance i get, thanks.

  3. Havent had any POW that wasnt a disappointment besides their gelato. Smalls and all. Edit: crazy im getting downvoted cause the smalls all smell like hay lol

  4. You hated the price also? Asking for a friend

  5. Meanwhile im about to pick up 10-12 carts for 100$ in michigan lol

  6. Breaking federal/state law, killing the enviorment for Michigan carts lol thats worse than the op being stuck with 10 firelands pods.

  7. Stuck with 10 firelands mids chemical tasting pods and 460$ less than they had

  8. Did you not smoke weed before it was legal in ohio?

  9. Idek why its this close. AR jealousy had no color to it and didnt smell like jealousy does from multiple other cultivators. At least my batch. Every Klutch jealousy jar ive had has been good its one of my go to strains

  10. Seems like with them you either get the diamonds or the sauce not both lol should be labeled diamond or sauce

  11. Mine was nearly perfect in every aspect, except the price and i dont have more in the jar lol

  12. I really enjoy my v3 pro for the price. Not my daily driver since I smoke, but it does the job.

  13. It was pretty good actually. It was dry but saved with boveda pack. Also had 4-5 seeds in my 5.6 jar. It was surprisingly not very funky smelling like the name would suggest, but it smells citrusy with chemmy undertones. Its good for the price I got it for. Would buy again on a budget. Cant wait to grow the seeds!

  14. Grabbed meat pie. Will post a review later.

  15. This looks like it yields rosin for days

  16. Legend has it, that owl is still stuck with its mouth wide open.

  17. I loved their super lemon haze but holy shit it is harsh on the lungs and throat.

  18. I recommend grabbing a Davinci Miqro (Or any dry herb vaporizer), run that thing on Smart Path 1 (Lowest Temp Setting), and I PROMISE! You will never have that harsh feeling again.

  19. I have a vaporizer i just dont really use it anymore

  20. From what ive seen, their rosin is buttcheeks. Not the good buttcheeks.

  21. Yeah! Lakesuperior is a beast. I’ve caught pike as big as the one you were talking about at the mouths of rivers going into superior. Definitely some monsters in there. If you are ever in Marquette stop by The Fire Station and I’ll hook you up!

  22. Im stopping to at way tomorrow? Hook me up? Lol

  23. I highly recommend North Coast Provisions, mostly deli style so you can see and smell it up close. They have their own flower called, FLWRpot, ranges from $150-$175 oz., I haven’t had rkive or endo yet so my opinion may be biased.

  24. ripping some right now. first time grabbing some, was much hyped. this batch is 25% thc, 13mg of both myrcene and limonene, bout 7 weeks harvest to jar. its pretty good for sure. i kind of expected more tho tbh. to me its not a whole lot better than sherbhead or other klutch staples. maybe previous batches were better?

  25. Grabbed some. Glad I did. This shit is like 3.5% terpenes. Awesome batch.

  26. The 30$ dual og is most likely smalls, or as galenas likes to say in tiny writing on the back of the bag, “10+ pieces”

  27. Lookah seahorse is pretty lit. Puffco plus

  28. Id look into it before buying, but my friend has one and its pretty good for what it is. Portable electric nectar collector. His version doubles as a cart battery if needed lol.

  29. We need more rosin in the state. So much live product to choose from but only a few companies consistently doing rosin. I remember the guy from Grow Ohio on here posted TCC rosin they did forever ago but never saw any release.

  30. They probably disposed of it properly. Lol…

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