1. SLI is a dead technology, so definitely not unless you want to build a period correct build for playing games from 2014 and earlier.

  2. Well I built this computer in 2015 😂 finally looking to upgrade but don’t know what’s comparable to my cards. Like is one 1660 super better than both of my 980’s

  3. One 980 is almost better than a 1660 Super.

  4. It may have been. But now it's burn damage.

  5. It's a nice gesture but it's e-waste. Computer hardware has progressed rapidly in the past 5 years. Besides the fun of it, there's no reason to waste time trying to optimize a turd when you can get a decade newer laptop for

  6. Is ebay reliable to purchase something like this? I'd have to save money, but if it's worth it, I'm happy to do it.

  7. As reliable as anyone else selling a $27 computer.

  8. specifically on the GPU, does it need any more 8 pin connectors or can it run with just 8, my brother got a gpu for his birthday and i’m the only one who can actually install it but after cramming the big ass thing in i realized that it needs two 8 pins and he only has 1 set of 8pins

  9. You have a prebuilt PC with nonstandard motherboard and power supply. In order to support a GPU upgrade, you would need to also upgrade the power supply. Since this is a proprietary one, you're SOL if you can't find a compatible higher wattage HP one.

  10. You can get parts from many places, but you need to figure out what HP part numbers you're looking for first. If there even is an upgraded power supply for your model.

  11. CPU bottlenecks depend on the game, scenario, resolution, video settings, and more.

  12. I see. I think I will just buy the new graphics card and see how the games, that I want to play, run and look like, like one of the other commentators suggested. Because I cannot afford both at the moment.

  13. That's a good idea. Because even if your R5 2600 holds back the 3070 in some scenarios, you will still get better performance in all the other instances where you aren't.

  14. Except that nearly all newer GPUs recommend more than a 500W PSU

  15. Oh, well I guess they should just throw it away then.

  16. Neither of those cards are suitable with an i3-3210. That CPU will cap you at around GT 1030 performance or lower in modern games. A dual core is not going to be running RTX games, DLSS, let alone even Chrome these days.

  17. Could run cyberpunk all high settings on this setup on the day one patch version with fsr hovering around 90-95% at stable 30, no clue what you're on about.

  18. Then it sounds like you don't really need an upgrade.

  19. If your old laptop struggles to run Windows 7, then unfortunately it likely won't run Windows 10. You will want to consider lighter weight operating systems with Linux distros like Ubuntu/Mint.

  20. Let me clarify, it runs win10 fine. Had to restore to win 7 and now can’t get win 10.

  21. You can download the USB creation tool from Microsoft's site.

  22. Yeah return to seller, that's a failed card.

  23. It can support most 775 desktop CPUs. The highest end CPU supported is the Q9650 which is a 15 year old CPU. Sorry, it's basically e-waste.

  24. Has been for a while. It's like $50 vs $80 for 16GB of DDR4/DDR5. B650 boards start at $160. And AM5 CPUs just got a price drop.

  25. AM5 sales were lower then AMD expected, plus the 5800x3D was a better buy at the time if you wanted a R5 or R7 AM5 cpu.

  26. 7900 XTX for $1080 is the best value in the current market. Unfortunately nothing else comes close to that performance per dollar with the increasing prices these days. The 4070ti isn't a bad card, but very poor value at current prices.

  27. That's the sound of the relay in your power supply clicking.

  28. The exclamation point means the driver is not installed for your NVIDIA card.

  29. And it gives you no errors, just installs correctly, and you reboot and have no driver? Sounds like there's something missing.

  30. No, your RAM will run in dual channel only. Quad channel is only supported on HEDT platforms like X299/Threadripper.

  31. No, even theoretically if Intel's drivers were perfect and 100% of the card's performance was utilized, your CPU would still be adequate in any modern gaming scenarios. It can handle most modern GPUs short of a 4090 in any scenarios where you wouldn't already be entirely CPU bound like 1080p low settings.

  32. So you think that it won't have any 99% CPU problems. And sorry if I ask, but how do you know, i mean what characteristics of the CPU and GPU you should watch to see if the data sent by the cpu doesn't create the bottleneck. All this before trying it in person

  33. You wouldn’t be CPU bottlenecked in any situation that you shouldn’t be. CPU bound games still exist.

  34. They use the same driver, so just power off the PC and physically swap the cards.

  35. It's a 2 year old PC at the same price it was 2 years ago. Things have moved on since then, so at that price it would be a terrible value.

  36. As good as any used parts from 2017 will be.

  37. SAM/resizable bar is required for the 7000 series. Disabling it will cause a hit to performance.

  38. I’m asking this question because I’m getting it with a ryzen 7000 cpu and that can boost performant with SAM

  39. That's just the baseline. SAM/rebar are requirements for basically all newer GPUs. All reviews show 7900XT with SAM/rebar enabled. If you disable it, your performance will be worse than baseline.

  40. I was planning to get a 1030, which is, well, more than enough for a storage server, and it's only ever so slightly outside of my total fan budget of $35.

  41. You can get a GTX 760 on eBay Canada for $40

  42. The cards your referencing end up around $75 to $180 where I live, which, well, is not a super viable option considering the most expensive part in my server is the Phenom II processor in it (I built it out of junk I had laying around, so all of it was essentially free)

  43. Then replace it with any comparable card for $40. The point is that you can upgrade the card for less than the fan.

  44. GDDR6X is the successor to GDDR6. The temperature of the VRAM depends on the cooling on the card.

  45. I'm in the US. Does that graphics card work well for other games and programs? Or just Minecraft?

  46. Your particular model of power supply doesn’t cut off 5V standby voltage when the switch is off. Just disconnect the cord for now.

  47. Dark Power Pro 12 1200w is plugged in but turned off, still motherboard lights up.

  48. Turn the power switch off at the power supply.

  49. So in what reasonable scenario is too much paste worse than not enough paste?

  50. If you had remove or upgrade the CPU, you have to surgically clean any thermal paste dumped over the sides of the CPU out of the socket with a brush and isopropyl. That is not something your average person is not going to be capable of pulling off without bending pins and bricking the board. Especially if that person got into that situation in the first place by negligence.

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