1. Minato, tobirama, fourth rikage, second sushikage, tsunade, danzo. They would be beast

  2. Not naruto exactly but probably another anime

  3. That’s actually fire and zabuza was the goat

  4. Krillin could have killed vegeta this is just the start of his death matches with main enemies

  5. That’s fire good for you my guy, you earned this. Family is most definitely proud

  6. Anyone with a last name can sauce anyone without a last name

  7. You can say that’s it’s important that you are heard. Maybe suggest exactly what he could do that would make you feel heard

  8. I got my girl to watch Naruto with me. Sai was her favorite character she thought it was hilarious he had to try and learn emotions lol

  9. I was getting 70s on mine and passed but I suggest you also study the sims

  10. 10 months of experience making $79k? Unless you’re in a ultra high cost of living area, that’s very good pay.

  11. Why don’t you like the idea of the bd? What’s the difference of bd and ria

  12. I’m not sure why a bd vs RIA makes a difference. Yes a firm with a bd has lower payouts but that shouldn’t effect how much they pay the staff.

  13. Bd you mean broker dealer? What’s the difference between bd and ria

  14. I would say don’t ignore the sims when I failed the first time it was cuz I didn’t practice sims and bombed them then I studied them and passed

  15. I understand how it some other exams might overlap a little however it’s more than just overlapping. I passed far couple years ago and did audit and never got through it because audit was sooo boring and far expired… fast forward 2022 I did it different and passed all four exams in 10 months. Without failing one.

  16. That’s respect I’m glad that worked. I think the overlap would be more important for me personally but I hated audit in college and absolutely dreading it so I get what you’re saying too lol

  17. Sending good vibes we got this. Waiting on the results tmr too I think we’ll all get good news!

  18. Sending vibes to you as well, you can see your score tonight around 8 pm on NASBA website!

  19. Yeah this is my second time taking far. I checked at the earlier time last time but this time waiting until Friday night to get to my girlfriends house and either drink away my sorrows or big celebration drinks lol

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