1. System of a down will release a new album before Half Life 3 comes out

  2. You couldn't pay me enough to go near that shit

  3. It's becuase of the ruling of Microsoft having a monopoly with Windows and by extension the native video player. Therefore they have to charge a nominal amount for the codec.

  4. I had a friend like that. It was either “let’s smoke weed and waste the whole night” or “waste the whole night looking for weed”.

  5. Sounds like a great use of everyone's time👍

  6. People like this need to be put down, they clearly offer nothing to society

  7. My friend and I bought bought the Dreamcast on day 1, we brought in our VMUs (the memory cards with an LCD screen) in to school where you could plug them in to each other and do something with the Chaos (I think that's what they were called) from Sonic Adventure.

  8. Isn't it annoying that a clip showing Michael's amazing voice gets posted and I can scroll for pages and people are talking about some artist pushing his friend off a bridge.

  9. It didn't work with etcher so Ill try ventoy now hopefully it works but yeah I turned off secure boot for the 2nd time and it also went to Bitlocker recovery lol

  10. I guess it depends on what distro you're using possibly, I know stuff like elementary os worked for me, also in the bios with the usb plugged in set the USB as the primary boot device by using F5 I think as it's pretty easy to miss the boot device menu.

  11. If I used ventoy will it be possible install the iso(xubuntu) in my laptop? I want the os running on my laptop without needing to plug in the usb

  12. It would be yes, when you click to install Xubuntu and it asks how you want to partition the drive if it offers you the option to split the drive (ie it recognises the fact there's an existing Windows install) choose this. This way it shouldn't do anything that would overwrite the drive.

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/67vfej/how_big_is_batistas_dick_a_comprehensive/

  14. These are my favourite AITA, before I even see the replies I know it's going to be chaos 😂

  15. Yeah no actual bank charges fees. Blame the greedy fuckers who provide those shitty ATMs, normally they target areas that are out of the way or don't have any banks nearby

  16. I liked Gus, it might have been different if Lalo had been in more episodes. Although that bit where he goes to Germany and hides in that woman's house....what a pyscho!

  17. Thay guy in the back is too busy playing candy crush to care

  18. How do bars get around refusing kids on the premesis, you can't refuse entrance based on their gender/race so is there something that allows for this?

  19. The goofballs really need a spin off show, I'm sure them coming up with more elaborate ways to wind up Angela would be 10x more exciting than Lauren and Alex

  20. Imagine him dirty talking with that thick accent 🥵 I don’t care what anyone says that man could raw dog me any time any day any place

  21. Jesus could you not be so utterly vulgar, unless it was referencing Baby Girl Lisa 😒

  22. Like all overconfident fake smart people, he’s using a simple example because he doesn’t know about the more sophisticated, better example

  23. As much as I find him tedious you can't blame him for not being a rocket scientist or someone with a PHD in physics. He's clearly got enough going on like wondering what an earth he was smoking when he spent all that money on Twitter

  24. Lmao calling you a lesbian for playing GTA sorta funny. Maybe you should stick to games for girls like Barbie horse adventure

  25. I was thinking hang on where in the world could they be driving that has these destinations on one road 🤣

  26. Noah. He is intelligent, quirky, and sexy . I would move to Alaska to look at him everyday

  27. Haaa. Definitely sounds like something he would say! Nope just a middle aged house wife in Ohio lol 😆

  28. All jokes aside are you physically attracted to him? Is it his character as a whole that you like about him, no disrespect but I find him pretty full of himself

  29. You know "I'm not watching anymore" posts are stupid and noone cares sorry

  30. Guess we cancel each other out ❤️

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