AOC Says Men Need to Stand up for Abortion Rights

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  1. COVID damages your heart. We have no idea how much of an effect this will have long term.

  2. We know the same amount of information about the vacksine … therefore, by your logic, the vacksine “damages your heart”…

  3. Any muffler modified vehicle where it’s clear the accessories are worth more than the car

  4. Why’s the road blocked off though? There’s no laws in philly so I’d probably do the same if they decide to inconvenience me like this

  5. Once bikes stay off the sidewalks , I’ll stay off the streets

  6. You got Covid. Shoulda been vacksed because you won’t get Covid if vacksed per our ruler.

  7. I was assaulted multiple times by these asshats while doing nothing but recording on my phone. In front of 1st district cops I was punched in the head.

  8. Why we’re you recording? Seems you were asking for confrontation…

  9. Because I can record whoever I want whenever I want on public property. Especially when who I'm recording was getting away with assault in front of a police department I pay for. Seems like you're looking binder my rights my dude.

  10. This not a triumph of public information by anybody invovled. On page 106 of

  11. I bet they don't make the parked cars move still cause they are car-fucking pussies.

  12. I’d love to see Philly and the collar counties be their own state. Pennsylvania would never let that happen because there goes like 40%+ of their economic output. But If the state of Liberty existed and shared resources and was centrally planned along the lines of transport etc. it would be very different

  13. I claim 100% of my tips so when it comes to needing to prove my income then it’s an accurate number. Loan....need to prove income, buy a house....need to prove income, buy a car....need to prove income.

  14. Her statement is more nuanced than the headline, but she is right. We all bear the responsibility of upholding human rights.

  15. Nah .. life’s not fair and everyone seems to think it should be at ALL COST

  16. It’s great she thinks that we wouldn’t elect another idiot but I’m sure if she runs, america would allow another one of her type in office. Don’t self reject, AOC

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