1. You’ve changed your hair…. Looks great.

  2. Woww sis, E is magic even after you've been on T for 4 years! 💖💖💖

  3. It has really made a difference in my life 💖✨

  4. Enjoy your stroll through my profile. While you’re here, I hope you learn something positive. I hope you find something in your life that inspires you. I hope that you are kind to others and to yourself.

  5. You progression has been beautiful to see. Slow and steady, but you look genuinely feminine.

  6. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it’s been somewhat of a long haul. I’m happy I surrendered to my truth. It took so long to get here but it was worth it.

  7. One of your other Timeline posts (a side by side, you're in a car/mini van where you look NOTHING like your pre-transition picture biside it) was one of the most fantastic (and amazing) transitions I had ever seen just a couple of months ago. So much so, I saved it for future reference to show MY (cis) wife someday after I come out to her.

  8. Wow! What an amazing comment! I’m so happy for you!!

  9. A woman who’s transformation is almost as brilliant as her amps ! You are a gorgeous woman whole I’ve followed closely in the music industry. You have been an inspiration to my own self acceptance !

  10. Pride Month 2022 Post: Back in 1989 (during what should have been one of the brightest moments of my music career), my band, Vain, we’re on a sold-out tour with Skid Row in the UK. The pic on the left is from a record signing event with fans everywhere. It should have been a glorious moment. But I can’t help but recognize the measurable sadness coming from my own eyes.

  11. Should you ever decide that HRT is right for you, often, the results over time include not only feeling better but also developing a more feminine silhouette. I’ve documented my transition here on Reddit and you might find some inspiring photos and posts on my profile page.

  12. Hey Dylana, your results are beautiful. They are subtle but make a world of difference and you look so much more feminine. Congrats! Let me say, you are an inspiration. 💕

  13. Thank you! Super cool to read your comment!💖✨

  14. So much awesome: a hot chick, a Flying V and live music all in one post. You look so confident now - you can focus on losing yourself in the music.

  15. My transition has helped me enjoy life better and it sure does come out when I’m performing now!

  16. Inspirational! You rock woman! Thanks for leading the way for many of us.

  17. "Smoke on the water", "crazy train", Placebo's "English Summer Rain".

  18. The Placebo track… holy cow that was a powerful song for me to just now discover. And the singer’s voice - just wow!

  19. Oh my god, are you serious!? You look 30! Good on you girl!

  20. Congratulations on your journey. It’s not easy but I can say with all my heart that I found it to be the greatest gift I could have given myself. 💖✨

  21. All my heart and love go out to stories like this. I lost everything: family, children, house, the dog even. I've slept under bridges in the snow and in the woods. Now I'm 44, and after a chance to actually be ME I'm doing great. I love to hear that you've come back, as YOU, and are doing well!! Its NEVER too late!!! 💛💫

  22. I didn’t. I plan on doing that later down the road.

  23. I’ve felt good enough to go out a couple of times recently. Just this past weekend, I went to dinner and a show with my partner and it was so incredible to just blend in. Finally, I’m not being clocked left and right. I was hoping for some relief in this area and it’s really paid off.

  24. I had to put my kids first. I focused on my internal transition doing therapy, fitness, diet, acupuncture and even chiropractic work to optimize my mental state. I was able to keep my business from going under and worked my butt off. I saved and finally was able to get FFS.

  25. Pain can be pretty intense post FFS. I guess it will depend on the procedures and the pain Med strategy your doctor puts together.

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