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  1. I didn't know the sexuality of ANY of these CARTOON CHARACTERS and I'm struggling to understand why it's important now.

  2. Really? You didn't know that Fred and Daphne are straight?

  3. I see what you're trying to do, but it's not working because it's not valid. Have you seen them in active relationships? Then WHY would you assume they were straight? These are characters that have existed since before I was born and their sexuality (gay, straight, asexual, and everything in between) has never been brought up before. There's a difference between raising consciousness and pandering. Perhaps that's something you can look up.

  4. Hey fellas, is it gay to be clean?

  5. Probably controversial because about half of the world's population have a lot less sweat glands than the other half. Asians in colder climates that shower twice a week won't smell nearly as bad as your average none Asians that showers everyday but sweats like a waterfall past 75 degree.

  6. Funny you say that. I grew up in Vietnam and people would do "half-showers", as in wash their pubic area only, when they don't need to shower

  7. I can think of one internal organ that varies in size that most men care about.

  8. "I'm anti-corporation, but a corporation's still-functional and easily-replaceable household item is more valuable than a human person."

  9. Geography and genetics are factors in natural selection lol they continue to exist outside of that process. Feels like I’m arguing with high schoolers rn

  10. People who live in warmer climates evolve to have darker skin, because of geography and genetics. The process in which that happens, is called natural selection.

  11. You’re describing parallel/interwoven processes under the impression that they’re same. Btw you’re currently agreeing w me and disagreeing w the original comment soo kinda seems like y’all dont even know what you think.

  12. I'm not taking sides. I don't care about LOTR. I'm just pointing out your statement was stupid.

  13. There was another thread like, a week ago, about a gay couple in a not totally dissimilar situation. Full on Reddit fighting. Me thinks somethings afoot.

  14. I feel like that’s pedantic. There won’t be that much of a difference to how gravity will act even if you consider all the different densities.

  15. It's not. Someone posted a graph of the actual gravity vs. the linear one it is not entirely linear

  16. How is that not pedantic. Even the link makes my statement seem like a reasonable generalization.

  17. How is it pedantic to say the density distribution affects the gravity? Assuming linear gravity is like assuming all cows are spherical in a vacuum. It's just not true in general. On a large scale, the density of Earth (or any large body) is not constant enough to make it true.

  18. The Boys S3 has a male version which is even worse.

  19. What's the male version? Sucking someone up his dickhole?

  20. I do cook every lunch+dinner for myself, but I do it all at the same time, once a week. Ain't got time to cook twice a day everyday. I don't cook brealfast either, it's fruit/bread/yoghurt.

  21. It's not counterintutive at all if you know about the "model minority" effect

  22. I'm very entertained by the fact that some people feel personally attacked by me just existing. Maybe life is worth living!

  23. It’s more just that the sub is diverse enough to be a reflection of reddit as a whole, especially when on “Popular.”

  24. How the hell are you gonna laugh at somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?

  25. I think because it sounds very different to the point that I (and a bunch of people I know, it came up in conversation at a party once) actually didn't realise that the person you're referring to wasn't literally called Cregg! Same with the Kay-dee pronunciation of Katie. I know that Kady is an actual name so I assumed that was just extremely popular until I read the cast list for a show and realised a characters name was actually Katie .

  26. That's just how Americans talk. Katy is pronounced the same as Kady, and the vowel sounds in Craig and Cregg are very close

  27. Translation: "Women have basic standards that I can't meet and somehow it's their fault."

  28. Isn’t a man’s man slang for being gay? I’m guessing they meant manly man.

  29. Not sure trading potentially being the victim of a sex crime for a violent hate crime is the genius idea they think it is.

  30. It's not even a trade. Transwomen also get raped

  31. That's covered under "violent hate crime", but yes

  32. Japan has a very unusual relationship with religion. Most people aren't exactly religious - They don't believe Shintoism or Buddhism is the one true religion and they dont study religious texts exactly. But they do observe religious ceremonies and festivities in a cultural way. These guys probably aren't showing off their callusus to prove devotion to a God, but more as a devotion to the culture, way of life, and society.

  33. Being culturally religious is very common, actually

  34. Honestly jasmine ate Angeria, and I felt like that was the only way they were gonna get rid of Jasmine because a 1v1 lip sync on a normal challenge she would have slayed, and they realized that after that double shantay with Jorgeous

  35. Maybe they should cast lip sync assassins and actually let them win. It would be iconic to have a finalist with like 6 bottom placements

  36. Throughout my life I've had several girlfriends (and eventually wives) of friends make passes at me. I'm ashamed to say there were a couple times that it happened before I learned my lesson.

  37. I have a friend who constantly ends up in abusive relationships. He was abused by his mother, so was unable to see all the red flags from manipulative women, which allowed them to take advantage of him.

  38. It's very common for victims of abuse to attract more abusers. It's a psychology thing I'm not fully qualified to explain. Basically, we show behaviors that differetiate us from healthy people and abusers look for these things. I'd recommend talking to your therapist about it.

  39. She's up all night for good fun

  40. What type of scenario is that? You’re arguing in bad faith. A centrist would be someone who has views in between liberal and conservative. Someone who is very moderate. Centrists don’t typically support extreme positions.

  41. Liberals are moderate. So being "in between" those is just being right-wing.

  42. Huh? The lowest natural number is literally 0 or 1 depending on your definition of N. Natural numbers are a subset of integers

  43. They were talking about p-adic numbers. Watch this:

  44. Tbf this is AI generated and I am somewhat of a joker pilled tran

  45. What is the AI? Asking for a friend

  46. 😂😂 I wish I could’ve responded with a sick comeback but I was so taken aback I just gave him a really confused look and kept walking

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