1. Yeah I have 3 mags that I regularly put tons of rounds through. No failures yet. Just a little paranoid. I have the metal mag release as well.

  2. I go to the range with the s15 to plink and to shoot my carry ammo. Haven't had issues yet. Shoot what you carry and if you're good with the results it's on you. I carry with my s15's.

  3. Green, it's easier for me to use due to my astigmatism.

  4. Staccato, Walther, HK, or mk25.

  5. Duo is the Dawson universal optic system aka red dot ready version. You will need to buy a plate separately if the original purchaser didn't add one.

  6. DUO had all the plates included when purchased in 2020.

  7. They started selling separately for certain models. Unless it has changed again.

  8. Pics or it didn't happen... Just saying 😁

  9. Usually downhill from there. Any plans for a red dot?

  10. The new holosun closed emitters look really good 😎

  11. Get mk25 and drop in sigs srt. Win.

  12. +1, Appendix is too easy once you're used to it.

  13. Get Glock sight tool, take your time when installing. Easy.

  14. Just placed my order for the P dpo steel frame. Started with a C2 dpo... Yay it hurts my wallet.

  15. Indeed but if you switch to RealID you have to go in just fyi.

  16. Badge of honor, just have thin layer of oil to prevent surface rust and your gtg champ.

  17. Over priced, I was able to get mine bnib for 899$ plus tax about a month or two ago. Just sign up for notifications from major online retailers.

  18. Any slow workday after a range trip... WFH

  19. None. You're doing the same work...

  20. Every time it comes up I own one, they want to put me in the right wing box.

  21. I love it but these are expensive hopefully you got some variety on top of that. I see a lot of Sig fans who have like 8 versions of the same gun and no other guns. I guess people like what they like but doesn’t make sense to me

  22. Glocks and a staccato as well.

  23. How do you feel about the 229? Been thinking of snagging one

  24. Haven't shot it yet, zeroed the 226 last weekend and practiced with my carries. I can let you know once I go zero it tomorrow.

  25. I have never had any issues with my s15 mags... 🤔

  26. P226, p229, and staccato C2 are in my rotation with my Glocks. Just because I can... Yee

  27. Honestly can't go wrong with a streamlight TLR-1 HL or Surefore x300u-b.

  28. But I also like my glocks.... haha

  29. Oooooooo had to have both right?! I have a p226 legion in the grey color as well. I realized I wanted the p229 legion also but ended up getting that one in all black law enforcement version to mix it up!

  30. Would be awesome if I could locate a LE one... or two.

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