1. Ipsy has the value of the 2 ml Babe Lash serum listed as $65, but $65 is the price of the 4ml size. RRP for the 2 ml size in second chance is actually $49.

  2. e925 says:

    Wow, the 4mL definitely used to be $120 and the 2mL was definitely $60ish, I actually bought a 2mL one on sale at Overstock for $40 when it was at least $60 on the babelash site (back before Ipsy started carrying it all the time obvs lol - I’d never pay that much now), so if the RV’s are different now they must have lowered their prices - maybe they lowered them when they rebranded as babe original? Idk.

  3. Looxi and Strobe have my favorite multi/duo chrome shadows. Ive just rearranged my singles across more z-palettes so I'll use them more and was thinking of doing a massive swatch-fest. I have....a lot more than I'm willing to admit.

  4. Cool I’ve never heard of either of those brands! I’m gonna check them out.

  5. Maybe they are referring to Shroud cosmetics (formerly known as Strobe cosmetics)?

  6. e925 says:

    Ohhhhh ok awesome thank you!

  7. *2017, but we knew it then too.

  8. I have almost all of their multichromes loose and really enjoy them. Which ones have you tried and why did you find them horrid?

  9. I have queen of refuse and some other one and they’re both hella nice. I have a couple pressed palettes and they’re definitely not my favorite but the loose multichromes I have are really pretty.

  10. No...I think mine is just plain peach? Now I'm intrigued

  11. It was a promo where you bought the cleansing balm (I think) and you got a jar of preserves (like literal jam to go on toast and stuff) with it. It was a collab thing they were doing.

  12. You're correct from everything I have read, CBD can only be absorbed by local receptors in the skin unless a transdermal delivery system is used, and even then it would require far more than what would be found in skincare products that aren't developed by CBD/THC specialty manufacturers. It's extreme caution which is basically an individual choice.

  13. Right, if our skincare was entering our bloodstream we’d have much bigger fish to fry than this. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. Oh my gosh I am so, so sorry that you're going through so many things that would be incredibly painful individually, let alone all at one time. I wish I could give you a hug and take at least a tiny bit of your pain away, I mean that sincerely. I am also in recovery and have been homeless and incarcerated in my past, so I hear you when you say it's the worst week of your life.

  15. Thanks so much I really appreciate it ❤️

  16. You are correct, it is legal at a certain concentration (which is the only concentration that’s going to show up in Ipsy bags).

  17. It wasn’t in add ons for me. I looked closely because I was really hoping for foundation this month.

  18. If a product isn’t in your shade, it won’t be in add-ons for you. Shade 3N is fair neutral, so your quiz probably says it’d be too light for you. Your yensa is light medium so I’m guessing you’re not fair?

  19. Wow, that’s strange. I have a GBP on one of my accounts I could see it under 18 dollar section, and then I saw it for X when it was sold out. I wonder if they have different assortment for everyone So strange

  20. Add-ons are shade dependent a lot of the time, and judging from the yensa shade she got, the CT foundation would be too light for her.

  21. I decided not to get X and totally meant to pause, but I'm glad I didn't!

  22. Awesome! I’m happy for you dude.

  23. Omgggg you’re so sweet to tell me but I’m not active right now! I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for second chance though!!!! You’re amazing for thinking of me dude, thank you ❤️

  24. I remembered we talked about it haha... I got two of them....It was only $18!! I hope it's in second chance for you!!

  25. Thank you so much again!

  26. Don’t people always say Macy’s is better than Ipsy since it’s only legit brands? I feel like this box kills that argument. I’m 99% sure Beauty Crop is a beauty box brand. I mean, selling at Macy’s online lends a little legitimacy but not much.

  27. Here are my referral codes in alphabetical order :)

  28. Here are my referral codes in alphabetical order :)

  29. I agree. You'll also find the customer service is absolutely amazing. I got a PMD device but it was the really nice one with the warming Stone on it and it broke after like a year Fabfitfun did not have that model so they sent me off the basic one but then I contacted PMD and they replaced it as well. so if you ever buy something like that and you have an issue with it, a lot of times they will try to replace it or give you a nice credit.

  30. Wow that’s good to know! I have FFF and have always avoided the electronics because everybody usually says if they break you’re sol.

  31. I checked and checked the out of stock and it isn’t there- I’m in Canada maybe that’s why?

  32. Oh man idk, maybe! I’m in the US - I just checked to make sure and it’s definitely still available. I’m sorry dude, what a bummer.

  33. I think I may be able to get my hands on one- a very generous FFF member is coming up to Canada and can grab an extra one for me and send it while she’s here to avoid customs and ridiculous international shipping fees 🤞🏼

  34. Wow that’s so nice!!! Awesome!

  35. I hope the stars align and that some of them end up half price in the future like they did last time 🙏

  36. This was the most fun sale ever. I placed orders on three other days so I had to forgo mystery bag day unfortunately. They look awesome!

  37. I’m convinced that they just have bots skim for key words and send an auto-reply. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Ipsy support read and understand on the first try.

  38. They definitely are bots. We thought they were people skimming for key words at first but that article about the tech aspect of Ipsy’s business model was a pretty good confirmation that they’re definitely bots.

  39. Just a warning on their GWPs from CCS' website-- last time they had a beauty bag of deluxe sized/sample sized things as a GWP if you spent over $100, and I purposely bought more stuff to get to that threshold. When the package finally came in, I was excited to look at the GWP and there was none! I contacted customer service and they simply said that item probably went out of stock by the time I ordered. No other explanation or apology at all, just that one sentence. I never got any notification that it went out of stock and wouldn't be shipping.

  40. Dude. I would be so pissed.

  41. Oh I was, but their customer service seems to be completely non existent. I'm probably not shopping from their site ever again.

  42. I’d be the same. Nothing more annoying than a “too bad so sad” from cs lol

  43. Me too! Just thinking about them the other day. I’ve never pulled the trigger but I love how they’re usually all still available even after people have posted what’s in them online. This year is gonna be my year!

  44. Oh god I’m such a lip balm hoarder, why’d you point that out?? 🤦🏼‍♀️💸

  45. I just hope the prices get updated like in the summer add ons sale because some of the prices are... Like double from past sales. It also doesn't feel too much like fall items which is a bit sad.

  46. Yeah and idk if I’m tripping or what, but is it just kinda like less stuff overall? I feel like it usually takes me way longer to scroll through everything. I definitely could be misremembering.

  47. A lot of stuff is also coming up as 1 maximum, and some stuff seemed wildly overpriced from previous sales. I have a feeling they'll update stuff later today.

  48. I think the 1 maximum is to keep people from hoarding stuff off the bat.

  49. Soddam and/or Gamorah lol can’t spell it

  50. Oh ok, well good luck! The fact that the word sodomy comes from Sodom is basically the extent of my biblical knowledge lol

  51. I’ve been noticing lately that I will have a little patch of flaking skin in the spot that the sticker had been a few days after I take it off. I guess because it draws out the gunk but also the regular moisture of my skin.

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