My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy.

I'm in this with you.

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Update number 2 on the roommate tank!

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  1. Is there a good, cheap source of the wire?

  2. Gotta get that triple banger vasectomy. Snipped pinched and burned.

  3. Snip snap, snip snap. 3 vasectomies takes a toll on a man.

  4. I was watching tiktoks of some couple hiking all over and in one of the boxes of supplies they sent themselves they had one condom. I was like “really, just one? I mean you’re out here in the wilderness all alone and you’re rationing your sexytimes?” And then I realized it was probably for waterproofing and not sexytimes.

  5. Looks good DB! Would go well with a certain perfect 10/22 receiver…

  6. Open it real fast and look real close in there. I’ve seen too many unclogging videos on YouTube

  7. The day will come where he opens a masterlock with a banana and i will seriously die laughing 🤣

  8. What’s your secret? Stuff is growing like crazy. My Christmas/javA moss does that well. I end up tossing it.

  9. It's not stolen just can't be resold

  10. Send it to me for free and I’ll pay $300 in shipping. ;)

  11. Be a real man and scale your member along the Z-Axis

  12. It's amazing that you say there's no cow level, yet people have been in it including myself lol

  13. Can't make out the logo, looks like the mailman gave you a yard job

  14. Makes me think of the people at work that keep emails they want to keep in their Deleted folder… ugghhh

  15. Also I don’t know if y’all can tell by the reflection but I am a girl. I felt so included being called “brother” and “bro” though so y’all can keep it up 😂

  16. There’s a hawkfish and a starfish still alive from what I can see. I definitely don’t have the resources to move them to a different tank so I’m just gonna see what I can do with this one. I see where you’re coming from though

  17. Check to see if there is a local fish store that has salt water fish. Maybe donate or sell what lives to them?

  18. Oh man, that’s a saltwater tank isn’t it? The first thing to do will be to clean the glass. There should be a scraper somewhere. Next see if anything’s even alive in there.

  19. Thinking the same. The algae color, etc. looks like sw to me.

  20. Dropping tomorrow - DB's Perfect 10/22 Receiver - Watch for some links soon. Just a really good receiver that doesn't require bolt fitting. It just works! Designed from the ground up and the gold standard for printable 10/22 receivers. Don't believe me? Print one tomorrow

  21. I got a cement one and love it but the Lunar rock is so nice. Also what tail lights are those.

  22. Same… I’m at work but once I get home I am going to look for it.

  23. No but when I’m finished I’ll post again with a vid and where to look on the sea.

  24. Can’t wait! Gsg5 mag and CMMG bolt setup would make it nice.

  25. Bet you wish you hadn't sucked all those dicks before you knew

  26. Nice! Looks like a good time! Rfid lock? Magnetic lock? I like it

  27. Did you even read the article you posted? It clearly says the peeping Tom had a knife.

  28. Haaa. Posted it and didn’t read it. Wow….

  29. That’s ok, keep your mouth open, you will need the jaw strength for prison. Hopefully…

  30. 22lr with a CMMG conversation? I’ll have to look this up.

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