343 is thinking about adding MTX to MCC

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. Yikes what a way for them ruin their reputations even more by stuffing microtransaction points into this game

  2. Ehh both people in that situation are both sht people

  3. When do they get sued for removing paid content

  4. Wait wtf they really slow people down on the ability to unlock stuff after a certain while why??

  5. WTF game has been out for years what a disgusting plan

  6. Nope fk that no offense but this is what happens when you legit "rent" games

  7. Except these actually are worth something and usable and have a stable economy for close to a decade now.

  8. At the end of the day it's just grifting onto the next person

  9. While people do flip CSGO items all the time, there are always people who will buy anything you have for a discount compared to market rate. It's a functional economy because items are actually scarce, you can create them only in very specific circumstances that valve allows. NFTs are just JPGs you can copy and paste.

  10. What value do they have have when they valve can pull the plug at any time

  11. Again Valve can pull them or close the market at any time tho

  12. It's been really interesting watching this sub change over the last couple years. I remember the first collection event and people were about to burn Respawn HQ to the ground for ridiculous prices.

  13. The people throwing $160 at an heirloom are the ones who are so invested they can't stop playing without it feeling wasted, so they're still playing. Unsurprisingly, reddit is full of different people with different opinions. The people with those opinions either don't play anymore or stopped caring because it hasn't changed in the last 2 years.

  14. There is no way you launch that product not knowing ahead of time it was going to flop

  15. Sad reality is most companies already do it without people knowing

  16. You need to patch the xci using SAKS and using a firmware version 13.0 prod keys. Unfortunately no newer game will work on sxos anymore without patching it. Just buy another memory card and install atmo emummc. Then just go back to your other memory card if you want to access sxos again. This is my setup now as i cannot give up xci and usb loading yet. So basically old games is still Sxos and for new games i go to atmo

  17. Is there a way to have stock clean ofw and a emunand for Atmosphere and SX OS?

  18. Yes if your official firmware is still 11.0 where sxos are still supported. If not then forget about it.

  19. Fk I just completely wiped my system to go online and now my stock FW is 14.1.0 and wanted to use an SX OS and Atmosphere emunand for offline

  20. Oh man I completely reverted my switch and went clean ofw for online and its at 14.1.0 am I out of luck with wanting to do an emunand for SX OS and Atmosphere when I want to run homebrew and copies of games

  21. Fk that price tag and I hear its the same low effort port

  22. people wanted campaign dlc? lol why yall mad a new campaign takes literal years to make like no shit

  23. You do know the campaign from this one was small as fk they just padded with it the open world and the tropes it has

  24. yea it wasnt anything spectacular but the best that 343 has put out lol. i feel the multiplayer needs "dlc" more than anything at this point

  25. 343 just dropped the ball with the Halo IP in my opinion whoever is in charge of 343 should be changed lol

  26. I swear my account is marked or somethign I have opened more than 500 packs level 500+ and battlepasses events etc and nothing yet

  27. unpopular opinion on this sub but i wish it would have come to EGS as well, Square doesnt really like to reduce prices or do sales that often so the coupons on EGS makes buying Square games there a lot better. I wish square would just release on both epic and steam for people to choose, they release their games however they feel that month, some only on steam, some only on egs, other on both, they should just make up their mind already...

  28. This ^ more stores means could mean more sales or discounts on games

  29. voice acting in ff7 remake is generally terrible. Especially the female voice actors. They do that anime girl voice and its 🤢🤢. Also anime grunts. Not sure wtf happened, most characters in FFXV talked pretty normal

  30. I haven't played it but from what I've seen it's 50/50 but I agree on the voices being exaggerated

  31. I just don't buy any of these games with absurd price tags fk supporting that

  32. All these Steam Sales have lost their shine they used to have 7+ yrs ago, they used to have highly discounted games, daily flash deals with games hitting all time lows now its just the same rehashed prices

  33. It's weird seeing 3D audio referred to as a "new thing" that gets added in considering we had quality 3D positional audio back in the '90s with EAX. The move to on-board audio really set gaming back as people once again prioritized convenience over quality.

  34. Doesn't help some hardware or software was locked to 1 sole company

  35. I used a monthly code a couple weeks ago and now it shows as expired wtf

  36. I don't blame anyone for doing this shit

  37. No wonder they keep pumping cosmetics perfect customer

  38. Lol at you being downvoted. Everyone here complains about this game so much, but don’t realize they won’t change a damn thing if you keep buying stupidly priced skins making them millions

  39. Yup when was the last time the game has had any type of improvement to the core games infrastructure in terms of audio, network etc hell the devs dont even talk anything anymore, they pretty much went the milking route. This sub seems more about skins

  40. WTF how is this amount not even advertised

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