1. Not with phone sex. I tried it one time and got my dick stuck in the “3”.

  2. Ontario has caps on how much rent can be increased in a year, especially for residential areas. The rent cap increase for 2022 is 1.2% (

  3. LOL Haven't laughed that much in a while. Thanks for the dark humour, hope you are doing ok ❤

  4. Love the bright colour ingenuity with the water reflection!

  5. Don't despair! I am in my 20's and all of the jobs that I interviewed for and thought I would get ended up going to people with grey hair and loads of experience.

  6. Most companies post pictures and/or names of their employees in the "learn about us" section or post new hires to Linkdn. It's not hard to see who the competition was or find out through some sleuthing

  7. I worked with a lady who didn't know how to flip documents 180 or 360 degrees

  8. Rango and/or spirited away. Both have good vibes

  9. i like it ! It is appropriately grim for this festive season.

  10. I once forgot the word for bathroom (for which window to smoke out of)

  11. Had a similar moment when I couldnt remember the word for cemetery.

  12. That looks so good with your skin tone!

  13. Shoutout to Rural Alberta Libraries!

  14. This is the funniest thing I have seen all day

  15. Congrats!. You both look so happy!

  16. Dan cooke. Cringey, mysogonistic, and way to much yelling

  17. Meanwhile spending billions of dollars and extracting more finite resources to go to a dead planet (Mars) all for bragging rights is a priority in many peoples mind.

  18. It's infuriating. Instead of using resources to protect what we have left its just a capitilistic space race. Not even the cool exploration of space that we all imagined watching star trek.

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