1. I actually have one of these. They aren't that great, but they do make ice. However after you put the ice of the freezer you have to give it around 5 minutes or so to get colder, and then break it up so it doesn't all clump together. The chamber that the ice is being made in is not refrigerated, just the portion it is actually making the ice

  2. Same. We got one when our ice maker in the fridge broke and we were waiting for the part (yay logistics delays). The thing is fine in a pinch.

  3. I was about to say I recall Trix being fruit shaped too.

  4. It looks like your question has been answered but just wanted to point something out that's neat with f-strings. If you put and = sign after the variable when using an f-string it will print the variable name and value. Spaces get preserved too.

  5. I've never seen a more perfect post for this line. I don't recall where I first saw it but it fits so well.

  6. So I’m hoping this is about the fact 2 lanes are merging into 1 and the traffic is idiotic and not the biker doing a perfectly legal thing (as his in the uk) and filtering through the traffic - if you genuinely think the biker is the issue please consult your doctor.

  7. My only issue with the biker is that I think they filtered at bit too far at the end. Probably should've merged in behind the truck.

  8. Did you install virtualenv first? You may just need to restart your terminal for it to work.

  9. His works include the comic book series The Sandman and novels Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book.

  10. Don't forget Good Omens written with Sir Terry.

  11. K/DA Kai'sa. Too bad adc is my 5th priority.

  12. Didn't. I got the lower tier pass that you don't get to select the role.

  13. My wife was going to do the same but luckily waited. The jeweler for some reason didn't believe me that her finger was a size 4 when they made the engagement ring so they decided on a 4.5. It of course was too loose and she kept thinking it was going to fall off, hence wanting the ball added. For her wedding band the jeweler did it right (she showed them their mistake). Since she wears the wedding band on the outside it all worked out.

  14. For anything with filenames I much prefer pathlib.

  15. I'm amazed no one is saying that this could be completely normal tolerances. We're talking a 1.7% difference in weight. Parts aren't perfectly identical every time.

  16. Not sure what's not working for you, but changing to degrees is easier (in my opinion) with math.degrees which will convert radians to degrees.

  17. They do that near schools around here, they'll say something like No U Turn 7am-8am etc.

  18. Ours say "mon-fri when children are present"

  19. mCoding just had a video on this today.

  20. Lee Sin. I know he's been op since forever I just never enjoyed him.

  21. Compiling to a directory instead of a single file usually helps. The thing with a single file is it's really just a self extracting zip which is why it looks like a virus if it's ot signed.

  22. Same here. Mechanical engineer that writes scripts to make my day to day easier.

  23. Really? My favorite is when they dont have a fucking wheel lock

  24. On the first tire rotation on my wife's car I specifically asked for the locks to not be put back on. No one in my area is stealing minivan wheels.

  25. Also the lack of the word ‘and’ in the number descriptions

  26. Except in math lingo and refers to after the decimal, e.g. three hudred five and nine tenths is 305.9. That's at least how I was taught it.

  27. I miss read that and was imagining a parrot with a wooden leg

  28. I completely missed "band" on my first reading too

  29. My ears are ringing watching this. How can one use a chainsaw that long without hearing protection?

  30. Olaf (although not super tanky). Mundo and Nautilus are viable and super fun.

  31. I really wondered myself 3 days ago when this was posted First. After the next 7 reposts i stoppped Wondering.

  32. Same but I finally came to a conclusion, I think she did it to make a dumb point. Probably "you're blocking the sidewalk with the hose."

  33. Thank you for saying. Yes their cute baby can be terrifying to other. My younger brother was bitten by a dog when he was 6 infront of me and we are soo terrified by dogs till date .

  34. I'm sorry that happened to you. I never understood why people think that everyone else is ok with their dogs. Whenever someone we don't know comes into my house the dogs get leashed before the door is opened. They are only let off at the request of the person or if I ask the person if it's ok to let them free.

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