1. This whole album is iconic if you listen to it long enough💀

  2. It's the first song of hers I heard and got into, then about a year/less than a year later me and my friend sat there and listened to Born To Die start to finish. Been in love ever since.

  3. This song is monumentally underrated. It’s always nice to see people appreciate it. I love it to death.

  4. cosrx rice sleeping mask. That shit is disgusting and gave me the nastiest pimple of my life.

  5. Mine has been going good so far. If money isnt an issue paula's choice is your best bet in that case. If an issue, ordinary is good apart from the gritty sensation thats short lasting

  6. How does Aziderm compare to PC in terms of efficacy

  7. Aziderm was much superior to them for me, it is 15% after all. AA best acts in 15-20%. 15% is good enough for me and without a dermat I don't want to escalate to 20%. Quicker results compared to paula's, plus cost effectiveness also plays a role. At least for me.

  8. that’s what I thought, thank you so much for the info!

  9. The previous time they had a sale of 50% off and the site stopped working during the sale, almost nobody was able to order anything.

  10. it really is honestly and i use it as spot treatment, the hyperpigmentation goes away so quickly.

  11. I have used 3% Tranexamic Acid and 2%Allpha Arbutin (TA for 2.5 months and started AA after that) and they have reduced a lot of hyperpigmentation on my forehead and chin. I have very stubborn hyperpigmentation on my chin which is still present. I am thinking to start using an AHA soon as I have heard that it helps with hyperpigmentation.

  12. i am fine with using strong actives as long as they are effective because i just want to use them on a very small area and not on my entire face. Maybe i’ll try something with TA, I already started using Alpha Arbutin a few days ago.

  13. I want that trio but not from insta robber.. i mean sellers

  14. no no, you said it right the first time. Let’s be honest and tell it like it is.😂

  15. I know there’s a thread for this but i still haven’t earned anything. idk what’s wrong with my link but here is it anyway 😭😭

  16. Tbh, i had skin like that a few months ago before i got into skincare. Now that i have tried a few products and stuff and have a routine in place, i breakout every few days and have to deal with hyperpigmentation. Makes me ask myself if should just go back to being my old self, ditch everything except sunscreen. All of this feels like a scam ugh. Just ranting idk

  17. Same. Early 20s I had moderately nice normal skin, started my skin care journey and I have pie due to a couple of breakouts. Not sure if I should continue doing this. Perhaps just switch over to CMT.

  18. ikr, i am not even bragging or anything considering there’s so many people genuinely struggling with their acne journey and other concerns on this sub but i had flawless skin but now? It’s gone to shit. I’ll keep on doing what i am doing a few months more and if it doesn’t work out, i’ll drop everything except sunscreen.

  19. sorry to be THAT guy, but all i can think about is how many of these things are going to break you out😭

  20. Can you elaborate on what purpose you're looking to apply makeup? Is it for everyday? Something creative? You'll get better suggestions. Please add this in your post body. Thank you!

  21. Look into granactive retinoids (not a lot of research but reviews say they work just fine albeit ever so slowly) . Try the ordinary one.

  22. every time someone posts about Kult, my blood boils. Bro they haven’t restocked skincare for sooo many days now.

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