1. You can't just buy them at a pharmacy?

  2. The parents are on meth or crack or something

  3. Then, as I said, you need to get this kid some proper therapists. Each child is unique.

  4. That’s unlikely to even happen as where we live I can’t even get a therapist or counselor and he doesn’t have medical in the state yet

  5. Then get him medical. Why can't you get a therapist or a counselor? Do none live in your area? Does the school not have this available? What about a pediatrician? Psychologist?

  6. Purposefully spreading COVID (which this person is doing by coming to work) COULD result in criminal charges, but the odds of that happening aren't super high, I would suspect. I just did a quick Google search about 'purposeful COVID exposure' and found some hits.

  7. Your body will build up a tolerance to allergy pills. Your best bet is to swap out which one you use every year. Reactine one year, Claritin the next, then Aerius and so on. You can cycle them back through as well.

  8. Good day, how are you? Is Rupall 10mg any good?

  9. Rupall is one I'm less familiar with. I had to look that one up. It seems fine!

  10. I don’t even think that’s legal, there’s a commercially available liquid formulation at standard conc of 100mg/ml

  11. The additives are not always child/neonatal safe, though. We don't use that product for our neonates and we compound it.

  12. Levetiracetam suspension 🫠 literally the toughest tablets on the market to grind up

  13. You didn't soak the coating off first...?

  14. I'm going to assume just going to a mall won't work because you mention being in a small town. Soooo...

  15. Get yourself a spray bottle and make a mixture of soap and water. Spray the entire line start to finish, all the way to the regulator. Be careful around your tank especially if you have livestock in there. If you're tank is emptying that fast you HAVE to have a leak. If you have fish in your tank and they're still alive I think the most likely suspect is somewhere between the aquarium and the co2 tank, which means co2 gas is leaking into your home. If there are fish in the tank and they're still ok then I highly doubt it leaked into the tank. A 5lb tank should last you months. If 5lbs went into the tank in a couple days any livestock would be dead.

  16. What is your setup like from the regular to the CO2 diffuser? Do you have any check valves? Are there any on/off valves on the regulator?

  17. Regulator is connected to the solenoid and then it's just airline tubing to the diffuser in the tank. The drop checker and check valve are in the diffuser.

  18. What machine are you using for your sleep study? I didn't have any of those restrictions with mine.

  19. This is the answer. You can see the brand name Anusol for which this suppository is intended to apply medication just inside and just outside the rectum, hence the entire thing doesn’t go 100% in.

  20. I just looked up the instructions. They say, and I quote:

  21. There is a lot of information lacking here.

  22. Mosquitos can occasionally infect you with diseases when they bite you, such as malaria. These ones could infect you with encephalitis.

  23. Encephalitis is a symptom, though. Not a disease on its own. So... what are they infecting me with? D:

  24. Fresh choice farm in Surrey

  25. Thank you for this! I've been trying to find a good produce place since Two EEs shut down.

  26. Because if THEY don't have a mask on, it truly isn't your buisness. Are you scared of getting sick? Then put YOURS on and stay away from them. If it wasn't wnforced then your argument is with the venue, not the individual.

  27. Thanks for being part of the problem.

  28. The panels are often uploaded on to YouTube, but any videos they show (such as the Ahsoka teaser) are not.

  29. Once you have your wristband, go to any entrance. Display your badge, show off your pretty wristband, get your prop/bag check, and that's it.

  30. There are some really solid staff members working in that store. If you're nice and manage to find someone, they will look in the back for you.

  31. very underwhelming and definitely not worth the price, especially cus we never actually got the light speed lane. i left within 30 min

  32. You can use the Lightspeed lane any time during the convention. Just show them your bash ticket when you go to the store.

  33. Well they WERE talking about their bromance at the time. lol

  34. I've seen people use both methods, and it's been pretty fast either way. Like about a minute max per person. I used CLEAR, my roommate used a vax card plus ID.

  35. You can reserve from anywhere. It isn't geographically locked. I've gone through it from my hotel.

  36. Your results look similar to mine. The clinic I went to actually manually went in to look for hypopneas, which are apparently not accurately recorded. That pushed me up into the moderate range, which made my benefits kick in.

  37. So I just checked for you: You do not need photo ID to get a BCID. Bring your birth certificate as primary, and a bank card with your name imprinted as secondary (or other... there's a list).

  38. This was the first episode I ever watched. I was in college, and it kept airing teasers about a “Code Black.” I just had to know what a Code Black was. I watched it and haven’t looked back since, ha.

  39. As a healthcare worker, I was baffled by the confusion of some people not knowing what a code black is in the episode. They work there! They should know!

  40. Not all hospital follow the same codes. In one hospital I worked at, they used numbers at times for certain code, and code red meant something totally different there. That same hospital did not have the code behind the ID badge.

  41. If you work there, you should know what the codes mean so you can respond appropriately.

  42. Ashley's signing and doing photo OPs all 4 days, plus the after hours signing at the hotel, plus the special Sunday breakfast. Either she really loves her fans or she invested heavily in NFTs and crypto

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