1. He doesn't have combo anymore since his S2 shadows after rework are too far apart.

  2. As a Haya main there's somewhat of a combo you can do which is 2nd - 1st - 2nd - 1st - Ulti

  3. We need more of these translated esports vids

  4. I'll make more of this soon, I just don't have time right now cuz of exams lol but yeah I'll definitely make more

  5. Ngl, I've been trying the said strategy, and my god...I think I know now why MT is trying to increase the damage reduction from the base when there are no minions...Echo be doing the shit this season.

  6. Yeah they're the ones who made the damage reduction happen because after this play another MPL team did it and moonton just thought that it should stop

  7. I have 2 relatives that have bought there and got the product they bought for, the thing is they're pretty new roughly only 2 or 3 months and while the products have worked fine til now (I've used them) I don't know if they're good long-term so yeah

  8. I wonder tho not all shoppee mall badges are legit

  9. I don't know how "early" we are talking about here but during the days wherein the red and blue buff gave the same buff there had always been that "rush to level 4" early game where it went:

  10. I had 60%+ win rate at roughly 600, 700 ish matches when I reached 1.1k points. 70%+ win rate in high rank (high rank is 600+) solo is impossible so 60 percent are commendable but anything below 55 is just skill problem tbh.

  11. This shit is actually crazy because I created a new account and I purposely didn't connect my FB account and just my moonton account but lo and behold it still displayed my Facebook Name.

  12. Wait is that ling’s M world skin? I haven’t seen that skin ever since 515 ended

  13. yes, I'm broke af so that's the only Ling skin I have

  14. lmao i was expecting some fasthand shit but well played ig haha

  15. you can't do fast hand blades when you're blue-less bud

  16. This is just cap, I can play nerfed Beatrix and still destroy Lesley in MG.

  17. There is usually no “best” or “worst” for each role (except Hanabi) and some of these could need a bit of tweaking, but these are some of my ideas:

  18. Worst mage selene is cap, some people play roamers with good clear to compensate for the lack of wave clear which they tend to do because Selena's arrows can turn around games when they hit crucial targets. Mages aren't always about wave clear, my pick would be Gord since he has zero mobility and all of his skills are skillshots that isn't the easiest to hit when up against fast heroes and even if you hit them his burst isn't instanetous and it can't really one shot if you're not ahead.

  19. What's not to love insane moving speed doesn't get one shotted combos squishies to oblivion

  20. When you're up against tank line up with tank junglers (Akai) its not a good experience :0

  21. Every person who says Yin is busted doesn't know anything about the meta and should just keep quiet

  22. I hate playing against akai jungler. I practically have next to no chance of securing turtles because of his stupid uncancelable ult.

  23. Practice Ling/Fanny maybe even Julianne if you can time the enhanced 2nd skill right.

  24. it's not uncancellable, knock up/morph and he'll stop spinning.

  25. Yeah good luck finding a jungler that has those skills your best bet is get a duo that knows what they are doing

  26. The thing you gotta always remember with Yu Zhong is use your 3rd skill wisely (practice it with petrify), combine your 2nd skill with minions for fast stacks, always hit your enemies with the outer part of your 1st skill, don't stay in dragon for too long (you're more squishy)

  27. If the GMs play one tap heroes like Saber and Zilong they can literally just camp him

  28. hasn't happened yet man was busy answered 9 hrd after

  29. The paywall part won't be fixed when the new emblem system comes tho you know how moonton likes to make everything extremely hard to get so people would play more to even be able to play in a fair level

  30. This is exactly how a pro team (Onic PH) got disbanded, according to Markyyy (Former Onic PH gold laner) they became too close to each other which made them reluctant to tell what they needed to fix on their gameplay so they were just disbanded.

  31. Is this proven? I've done the trick so many times I've gotten my egyptians at 3 gold stars but I've never heard of such thing

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