1. NSFW поставьте пожалуйста

  2. Well this seems a bit extreme. Especially when you're working for a multinational company.

  3. Didn't have issues with Telenet / Antwerpen.

  4. And select only one kind of beer, to be allowed in this new country. I vote for Cara!

  5. I am almost sure they will, as 5800x is largely a 5900x with disabled cores.

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/belgium/comments/281t53/a_tourists_guide_to_belgium_do_and_donts/

  7. In case you have missed one of these threads. I think this is the most recent one:

  8. Могу допустить что так и есть, раз спутник не признан глобально. Например некоторые страны требуют при визите вакцинацию одним из препаратов признанных WHO.

  9. Maybe not immediately related, but I have a question - when you call 112 - do they know your location automatically, or you have to tell them where you are?

  10. To my understanding, you have to tell them, UNLESS you initiate your call via the 112 BE app. (highly recommended, already used this a couple of times)

  11. Ok thanks, I mean sometimes I can be in unfamiliar place (another village or city) or in the middle of highway. So it will be difficult to explain where am I..

  12. In this mode you dont have to cap in order to win, if you play defense at B - then actually you have the advantage in the city...

  13. Not a lawyer, but maybe, just maybe if it's working for ISIS or something.

  14. You can get company car with installed machine gun though...

  15. Can someone share a link to this video please?

  16. А что вы хотели от Late night show?

  17. Premium account + premium vehicle + vehicle backup (can buy with warbonds).

  18. And the first shell casing flying out the top will take the entire camo net into space.

  19. Well, I guess when you start firing, you disclose your position anyway..

  20. Just go back in time and add pre WW1 - WW1 era..

  21. Nice! For my personal taste - camera jiggles too much, makes it hard to watch. That would be good with VHS effect, but not in general fly-by views. Otherwise ok.

  22. I am actually for some time of opinion we need a tree with all kind of technicals

  23. I have actually spaded it fairly quickly, using boosters and bombing bases in Air RB.

  24. 2 questions that might be obvious: What is category C? (Does the C just stand for Council?)

  25. Category C is for "States, which have special interests in maritime transport or navigation and whose election to the Council will ensure the representation of all major geographic areas of the world"

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