1. I have only watched the first episode but so far is great. Testimony to how strong was the script of the first season. The translation of the class issues into the Indian society was very well done, even if it makes it really hard to watch sometimes (slums, sweatshops, etc.) the cast are very good too, shout out to the girl playing Nadia (will take me a while to remember all the names).

  2. I feel bad for the actors that had to be a part of the worst story arc in Elite. Nothing that was part of the Blanco family plot will be missed or will leave a mark. Even Samuel’s death was wasted on this plot.

  3. what do you mean by that lol? (Like the Brits are more prudish etc?)

  4. I think what they mean is that the rest of Europe see the UK as having some sort of superiority complex. Like they were too good to stay within the EU, they didn’t like other European people going into their country and like to be isolated.

  5. Every time someone tries to compare Ari with any of the original girls it just helps to make her look worse. That character was a disaster with no saving characteristics…

  6. I seriously doubt anyone here knows Manu IRL.

  7. No one here is talking about knowing him in a personal manner. They are just saying seeing him somewhere, as a celebrity, and trying to interact as fans. 2 very distinct things.

  8. To be honest Patrick seems to be a very toxic person and I don’t think you can say he has had a healthy relationship with anyone in the whole show. He has the love/hate relationship with his sisters and we really never got to understand the whole physical abuse with Ari in the club (she seemed to imply he had hit her before). With his dad it really felt like they completely despised each other. With Ander and Omar, the whole thing was more like a obsession, something like him trying to destroy them for fun. With Ivan, it was really disturbing, I cant begin to think how a person would feel able to go back and forth between a guy and his father, also knowing the guy had a crush on his own sister and had slept with her. It was beyond bizarre their story.

  9. I saw this post on instagram and thought “cool, there will be stunts this season” not realising they’re practicing a sex scene 🤡

  10. That’s the only type of stunts in Elite

  11. Yawn, it’s boring having to explain sarcasm…

  12. I know this thread is a year old but i upvoted your comment so it wouldn’t be 0. Especially since you are right the season ends with her doing worst shit then the shit she trying to get revenge on 😂😂😂

  13. I wonder if they will ever have the next season of this show…

  14. No. It’s obvious she never loved anyone but herself.

  15. That’s gonna be interesting: a Portuguese father who spoke with Carioca accent, a Spanish mother (god knows if she will play a Spanish woman), and a Brazilian son who has a very Brazilian accent when speaking Spanish…

  16. i agree it was a whole mess 😭 but they tried to “explain” it from the beggining when in 5x01 cruz said he left portugal at a young age and moved to brazil and that’s where ivan was conceived and raised, which is why he has a strong brazilian accent and cruz doesn’t. but STILL you’re right

  17. Cruz spoke like he was from Rio. He had a perfect Brazilian accent. If they made him speak in his natural Portuguese accent it would be less confusing.

  18. Looks good. I’m gonna watch it.

  19. My only comment to this is that I thought Ari was always and attempt to recreate Lu and Carla (the snobbish behaviour from Lu and the sex goddess attitude of Carla).

  20. It was toxic but so was every couple in Elite. I think the throuple with Valério really was sweet and was the only time I saw Polo happy in the show. It could have worked if all of them didn’t have so much baggage…

  21. Cayetana going crazy when Rebe throws the drink on Lu, scared it would stain her “borrowed” dress, that no one could know it wasn’t hers 😂😂😂

  22. Those were pretty funny moments. I love how none of them were after S3 lol

  23. Cause they stopped humour completely from season 4.

  24. yeah but they were doing it among themselves so only the ppl who were invited to the party could bid. i guess they all knew each other more or less

  25. Didn’t stop the father of one of the students bid on a teenager…

  26. Yeah he told me in bed after we had wild gay sex. I was heartbroken.

  27. Hahahahhahab maybe I was just dreaming it too. 😁

  28. Homofobia and racism are rife amongst football fans. The teams try to send positive messages but the majority of the fans still behave really awfully. This probably explains the almost complete lack of out male football players.

  29. I have watched it, that show is pure art.

  30. Agree, I think people who even compare Euphoria with Elite, like if the two shows were even in the same league, completely missed the point and intelligence behind Euphoria script.

  31. Ivan, 100% Before Ivan I would say Ander. Polo was better looking but Ander had much more sex appeal.

  32. Even when Phillippe looked shaken by the facts in front of him.

  33. I think this could be a wig. If you look at her hair in all the Xmas parties stories, looks very similar to her Season 6 hair

  34. that's so annoying oh my god i really hope it's not and they're just there bc they are really good friends w the cast but i doubt it's the case, cause others would've been there too if it was a "friends" situation 🤦🏻‍♀️

  35. That’s right. All the other actors there are currently filming season 7.

  36. I think Ander had no clue Patrick thought they were a couple. At the concert Ander is oblivious to what even Omar saw standing behind the bar. Patrick promised freedom to fuck around. Ander was just exploring the freedom. Doesn't even know Patrick left. And it's Patrick's betrayal of that freedom that annoys Ander. Ander earlier surrendered to Patrick based on the premise, "It really turns me on when someone really wants me." My confusion is based on the question, when his hormonal spike abates, how does Ander feel about his decision to trade his relationship with Omar for the freedom to fuck around.

  37. I thought it was very subtle but they did imply, when they were watching the singer, they showed Ander and Patrick and then Patrick holds Ander, they then show Omar. For me it was implying Ander was still thinking of Omar. Next thing we see is Ander is in the toilet with the other guy. I know Elite does not do subtle very well, but in my mind it’s when he decided to let Patrick go and move on travelling.

  38. Implying that a cut to a shot of Omar sad at seeing Patrick enamored with Ander says something about what Ander is thinking is pretty far fetched. If Ander engineers a break-up with Patrick, and that motivates him to travel, that greatly changes the rest of the plot.

  39. I felt it was a little bit of a hint. That scene implies that both Ari and Ander were there with Guzman and Patrick but both were thinking of Samuel and Omar behind the bar. As with everything in that season it does not get fully fleshed out as the story also was dealing with Mencia and Alberto. But I understood it like that.

  40. Maribel Verdú… She will most likely play Ivan's mother.

  41. I think if she is going to be involved with Omar’s plot it is likely she will be part of Valentina’s club businesses or Didac’s. Could even be Didac’s mum?

  42. So happy that Omar is returning, I look forward to see how they integrate him back to the new cast and what they will say about his ending with Ander (they will have to have him say how that ended!). So for that alone I’m excited. He will probably form a poor people group with Bilal and maybe one of the new characters…

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