1. They could put a button in the app that lets you update or not update whenever you want instead of this complicated system that needs a special request, too. Like other companies do.

  2. When the update is fully released there is a button in the app you can use to update it (eero app->Settings->Software).

  3. Please email us so we can push it to you. No reason to sit in a green stew of jealousy if we can avoid it.

  4. The app is not responding to anything. Must be down. I’ve been trying to update my network and can do nothing!

  5. This is old but similar to my situation.

  6. Yes. That said, since you current eero is an eero 6 Pro, rather than the eero Pro 6E as the OP has, you can realistically use any eero model (other than the Beacon or the eero 6 Extender) as the need for 160 Mhz channel capabilities is not present on your network.

  7. I understand, and tried as suggested, my eero app now tests at 100 Mbps.

  8. Sounds like the port went bad on us, I'll send you a DM so we can get this eero taken care of. In the meantime I'd swap that gateway eero with a different one so you aren't crippling your wired network.

  9. Yeah I did restart the router before I even attempted to “install” the pihole… still port 80 not open… will try again tomo. Or maybe someone here will help. Would really prefer pihole but if I can’t figure it out maybe I’ll look at AdGuard home, I do already use AdGuard on my devices, it works well.

  10. Is the agreement testers need to sign available to read before applying?

  11. I can’t remember if it’s required just for the software beta, but an NDA is involved so I am sure they wouldn’t add it as a toggle in the app.

  12. I only have one Eero unit, I sent you an email yesterday.

  13. Emails are responded to on a first come basis. As of right now, we are going through emails from Sunday evening. As soon as one is able, an agent will be happy to assist you via email.

  14. Do you know if support with secure+ over email any faster? I seem to remember that being one of the benefits of it.

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