1. Everyone around me prefer coffee

  2. People on British reddit are overly twee and ham up things for americans. We aren't all obsessed with tea and biscuits and terrified to talk to strangers.

  3. Agree! From looking at comments or posts on different platforms you’d think Brits were obsessed with them and the French

  4. OPs post is the same as a British person going to Benidorm having a English Breakfast and going on

  5. when people travel they tend to try the country’s cuisine. Of course there’s a range of restaurants. However, English food tends to be served in pubs.

  6. English food is served in restaurants as well as pubs there is "tend" about it.

  7. i’m not responding to OP i’m responding to a comment.

  8. i honestly don’t know. Anyone know what would happen to the common travel area would it still exist?

  9. Americans really pronounce it Glastonraspberry??

  10. as a brit i’ve been pronouncing it the american way.

  11. all of the tabloids need to go

  12. some people can’t stand/understand a specific UK accent. So a foreign one would most likely be better here

  13. took me a long time to get this

  14. agreed! not sure about this sub’s photo

  15. Taking a dump can be difficult and the bell ringers understand the effort you put into it. well done son.

  16. That’s good of her. Sharing is needed

  17. I want to unsubscribe but i’m hoping to see entertaining posts but end up getting disappointed because of the pictures of people’s food/drink, a random bug picture or information/ a picture we really don’t need to know/see.

  18. Great Britain = Geographical

  19. random but i like your storytelling

  20. didn’t know it was that bad. I thought swearing true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen was bad enough

  21. Her mother lived to 101. Its possible she lives as long or longer. Charles will never be King

  22. hopefully. i doubt people will sing God save the king.

  23. I can relate especially with other things like crisps sandwiches and the drinking culture. I’d say it depends on your background

  24. i hope it’s drinking juice/water and not alcohol

  25. do you really need to take a picture? like what’s the purpose?

  26. It isnt mocked. Stop being such an internet twat.

  27. it’s not the first time this has been said so…

  28. it’s the same thing for my international friends. The barrier for entry is getting higher due to the demand & inflation.

  29. Sorry to hear that. have you tried calling SFE?

  30. wish i could offer advice but i’m not sure myself. But have a look at degree apprenticeships and see if they do that with the course you want to study. This way the employers pay for the degree & you get paid while studying.

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