1. Ponyo!!! So cute!! What lot is this on? Are you gonna upload it to the gallery? Looooove this!! ❤️

  2. Also finding out your pregnant isn't worthy of a post either.

  3. My sims also are getting fluctuating relationships, even when they sleep. It’s honestly so annoying overall tho. It’s gonna be basically useless once I age my teens up.

  4. Yeah and most of the posts are all high school related. If you’re on PC, marlynsims is making a mod that adds tons more to social bunny and has a doc open I think for people to submit message ideas.

  5. Definitely! The post is on Twitter fyi if y’all can’t find it from googling. I can’t wait. I have no idea why sims team didn’t at at least add some that wasn’t solely highschool related, because as it stands all adults posting about cafeteria lunch and pillow fights is really getting on my nerves 😂😭 my sims dad always asking if anyone wants to be besties at lunch 🙄 like no haha. Thankfully he’s also a teacher so I have to imagine he’s just talking to the other teachers lol still dumb tho, hope they fix it.

  6. as you will notice when you open the Mega link, softerhaze's shared folders are named after each game version they have uploaded mods for.

  7. Ahhh okay, I didn’t notice that. No worries. I ended up still having to use a vpn cause it was saying I hit the limit for my IP address anyways.

  8. So I was reading a thread about this from awhile back, it was something like no ea eyelashes but the issues was the bug persisted unless they started a new game, so it seems like the save with aging up to no face got corrupted. Maybe try removing the mod, repair the game and start a new save and age someone up to see if it persists just to be sure the save itself isn’t corrupted. Hopefully that’s not the case tho and you figure it out!

  9. He has his face back! Not sure still who was the cause since I have everything back in my folder.

  10. Oh good! I’m glad it didn’t cause that much trouble for you. I’m also worried I have this bug, because one sim had this happen, but I tested aging up one of my sims and it didn’t so hopefully I don’t have any more issues! Hopefully you don’t run into it again!

  11. Dancing! The Famous Foot-to-my-Bunny-Lou tarantella!

  12. They usually aren’t, which is why I told her to pick them up. I have the whole power strip mounted under the desk. Thankfully she usually doesn’t pay any mind to cords. 😅 but I try to keep them up anyways.

  13. He looks like the sky, poor baby. Name him cloud ❤️

  14. This happens to me soooo often 😂 this is exactly why they should have added more messages. I’m so glad a modder is working on a mod to add more. I’m tired of the same messages.

  15. That whole system is messed up. Random sims keep walking into my house and asking me to be best friends

  16. Same, it’s so annoying, just a little while ago I had to say no to my sims friend cause he asked him to prom, they’re both set as straight. Now they have bad sentiments. Sidney was romantic with Molly, isn’t he gay?? 😒🙄 and I didn’t have nearly as many issues with people waltzing into my house unannounced before this patch. I hope they don’t pretend their gonna fix it and then just never touch it again.

  17. Ohhhh okay! That makes sense then, I didn’t formally check, probably should have before I deleted their relationship 🫣😭 oops 😅 that actually makes me happy cause I thought he was cute for one of my girls but didn’t wanna cuz I thought he was only into the bros.

  18. If they already have romance bar started ask to just be friends but to remove crush click your sim and select “try to get over crush”

  19. Same thing happens to me with my 2070 super. I’m running tons of mods and everything is smooth as hell and then suddenly lag til I hit esc. I’m pretty sure it’s a known thing and because it could be 100 diff things causing it they don’t quite know how to fix it. Mine doesn’t happen every 20 seconds, but I have had more random lag since the update, and sometimes the esc button doesn’t even work to rid me of it til I restart. It’s super annoying.

  20. Yes I started to notice this too when it took forever for my sim to walk from the front of the high school to the field in the back 😒

  21. I’m having kinda the same issue, they haven’t quite started asking to be best friends or prom invites but I also haven’t gotten around to increasing lots of friendships yet. My sims crush knocked once, now he just comes in. He even walked in and just hung out around the house while all my sims were away, which made waiting longer cause the fast forward wouldn’t go super fast since he was there. Didn’t have this issue as bad before hsy, though it’s possible I had a mod that took care of it cause I deleted all my mods before updating and only have the updated ones now.

  22. I had an issue earlier where one out of my 2 sims couldn’t do homework. One was just fine, the other had no options to do homework, just place in world. I haven’t had a chance to test why it’s happening, didn’t have any issues til I updated with the bug fix patch. Lmk if you figure anything out, I can try to figure it out once I wake up.

  23. My teen sim flirted with the principal and now she’s carrying their baby like not once did I witness them woohoo or anything of that sort …

  24. It's a reference to the game teens play in school, also the comment below his gives an idea.

  25. I don’t remember doing that in high school, could also just be a different version of a game, closest thing I remember is hot or not, but that was a website lol, but either way I was busy doing nerd shit lol. The one below his wasn’t directed at him, she barely even knows him which also led to my confusion 😂

  26. LOL omg 😂 bet tho next time I see Hugo he getting hulk smashed for tagging my sim in that shit publicly

  27. Lol when I loaded up the game the menu music sounded like something out of an 80s or 90s sitcom 😭😂 bet ur ass I just sat on the load screen for a min so I could vibe lmao gave me a whole ass nostalgia trip

  28. I know how to take screenshots, I have a folder full of them, but unless I’m trying to post sims I made, or anything aesthetically pleasing, I do not care and would rather spend 3 seconds taking a picture on my phone and uploading it so I don’t have to leave the game because I want to post now, not after my 8 hour binge lol, I will forget. This game takes too long to load for my impatient adhd ass to go through extra shit just so people get a picture that isn’t crappy.

  29. Not sure how sims is set up thru steam deck, since I don’t have it through steam, but the mods folder, at least on pc even through steam would still be in the documents folder with the saves, not where the game is installed. Where are your saved games on your deck?

  30. Very cute! May I ask where you got the hair one the first one?

  31. THANK YOU!! I appreciate you taking time to link it! I’m prolly gonna struggle not to put it on everyone too LOL

  32. What’s more, I was watching a video today and they said they couldn’t even get another teen they had made from a diff household in the same world to spawn at the school, said they tried everything. Hopefully it’s able to be fixed or RIP to everyone who did that teen a day challenge to have teens and friends in school when they might not even spawn. 😒

  33. Just fyi be careful with onedrive, it has caused me all kinds of pain, it’s turned itself back on multiple times, ruined my mods folder, deleted stuff(not backed up to the cloud, I looked and things were disappearing), always tried moving my documents folder to the cloud and toggling back on even when I’d toggled it off, very aggressive. I always make sure onedrive is off and stays off. I once spent 16 hours fixing a mess onedrive made and had a hell of a time trying to actually disable it without it turning back on or taking everything with it.

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