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  1. ... but it is harmful to LGBTQ+ people if it makes potential allies feel unwelcome or antagonised and dissuades them from engaging with us.

  2. If they're only an ally when it's convenient and easy then they're not an ally

  3. I'm making a note of this for my book. "Speak to animals; an in depth conversation about the nuances of trans life with a familiar can, unbeknownst to the speaker, raise their voice into a lighter, more feminine range"

  4. Voice training, please do it if you've been wanting to. Femme voice is my default resting position now and I used to sound like old timey radio announcer man.

  5. I ask myself this 5 years into transition, 9 years of actively knowing I'm trans.

  6. Yeah by the way, where do I get the impeccable fashion sense? 😅

  7. Meet queer folk. My style went from basic to jaw dropping when I started making queer friends. (we are all at parties or kink events)

  8. Two and a half years later, my under cut is almost half as long as my long hair.

  9. I have to test drive my deep voice every couple weeks or I'll forget femme voice wasn't always my default. (femme voice 24/7 for like 5 years now)

  10. Just do it in the car, you'll get used to it. Then discord calls, irl and finally into the omniverse. Fr though voice training is exactly like working out, it'll suck at first but then one day you'll be like "oii shiiii m8 I jus lifted tree undred ameriCAN eunits"

  11. My starting dosage was 4mg of pills, I'm currently on 6mg of pills. 1mg in pill form is nothing compared to the maximum dosage range.

  12. Tomatoes are honestly just mid. But the do NOT belong on a sandwich under any circumstance. There shall be no red goopy slime circles on my bread

  13. Jules is a great character, it’s unfortunate Hunter Schaefer is a transmedicalist

  14. Write a letter! It's how I came out and it's a whole lot easier than stumbling through a conversation without knowing what to say. Also, you can write what you want to say and nobody will interrupt! Also, it's the least confrontational way of coming out. Good luck!

  15. I won't say because it isn't wise to know the secrets of a fucking idiot (me)

  16. Many cities have trans specific clothing exchanges made for low income people. In my it's called your closet space. Some of the time it's pay what you can, even if what you can pay is zero

  17. Ok! but I’m worried I might accidentally say it, it’s been on my mind ever since I found out. what is the best way to refrain from saying it?

  18. You can be inclusive without having pride flags. Do they have any HR policies in place that protect POC, minorities, women, etc? Do they donate and support organizations that are LGBTQ, women's groups, POC groups?

  19. Asking this about my bottom surgery "Roughly 2 years on wait lists" 🥹

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