1. Some people acted very well in that incident, some people really didn't. Fair play that everyone survived

  2. If you search on here, there are people who have been! Could be useful. Usually it's people either working there or doing the cruises

  3. Vienna, Prague, Venice will be vastly cheaper than Paris, London, Geneva.

  4. Yes! Nice and easy one as I was just looking myself

  5. Not enough time to see either one properly and I'd just stick around Vienna if it was me.

  6. I’ve heard! What are the most expensive things do you reckon?

  7. Don't drink alcohol there, I cried inside when I did. Apart from that it's comparative to a Western city I guess, I just expected it to be cheaper

  8. You can do the freedom trail by following the red bricks on the road, it's about a 2 mile walk.

  9. Are you pretty? Then yes, it's very easy (Not me)

  10. I'm not pretty (in my opinion anyway) I drink alcohol (not that I like it much) I am outgoing (well I try to be anyway) I'm not female

  11. Best idea. I've yet to see a 'home' wedding end in anything but divorce

  12. How long in advance were they notified of the changes? If it's longer than two weeks, then you're SOL

  13. The pilot of the one winged aircraft had a parachute, and the other aircraft landed safely

  14. It's grand, you'll enjoy a few playthroughs

  15. I did it this week and got the full points. I did solo mode with stealth and ignored all the bonus objectives except the bonus boss.

  16. Niiiiceeee. That's one of the few mounts I didn't have myself when trying to collect them all for screenshots!

  17. I remember! but now we know it exists and still drops!

  18. The game is now on a new version where old saves don't work

  19. Absolute non issue. You are much more likely to die from fire - are you bringing your own smoke detector too?

  20. Early Access in 2019 they said. Still nothing, doesn't bode well

  21. Yes. Some of the prize tasks brought in can't be used too, and some of the contestants basically just have the studio give them one if theirs is unsuitable.

  22. Frankfurt is an utter shithole of a place and airport, absolutely agree.

  23. Rose Matafeo's conquests strikes again!

  24. Counterpoint: One of our suppliers had an aging developer who single handedly created a system years ago, and younger workers could never get a foot in to see what the issues were or how to fix them. When he died of a heart attack, no one else could do what the dead guy could do so the company folded.

  25. Sounds like cruises aren't for you, and that's ok!

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