1. Often... or I'll curl up on the floor next to my bed and stare for eternity from there

  2. Steph0sims!!! She doesn't post super often, but when she does she's fucking hilarious! Complete chaotic entertainment with hilarious editing. My favorite Sim YouTuber, can't believe no one mentioned her in the comment section here

  3. Hi! Kinda late to the party here but I wanted to throw my two cents in anyways.

  4. Well.... I moved again less than a year after that post. Finally lost the bed bugs before my second move.

  5. You should, You look great!! Also I'm obsessed with your shoes! Where did you find them?

  6. Congratulations!!!! That has to feel amazing 🥳

  7. Thank you!!! It really really does!

  8. The bar in It's Always Sunny is a big square. All our bars are long rectangles.

  9. I always hated that detail... like I get they're in South Philly but where in south Philly could those dipshits get a bar that big??

  10. These look absolutely beautiful together. So cool!

  11. Thank you!! I can't wait til I add a bit more to really pull it all together 😆

  12. These could be cute to wear for literally anything else other than working out. Like under a pair of ripped jeans or or denim skirt. For the top, wear it under a cropped cami, or with a bralette or bodice underneath. As workout clothes with nothing underneath?? Hell no

  13. You can send them glitter bombs (not an actual bomb just a ton of glitter) in the mail, make your own or buy online to send anonymously. They make a HUGE mess and they'd be cleaning it up forever! Or find something similar if glitter isn't your scene. This way you're getting silent revenge and they can't trace it back to you.

  14. "open to short" = not opposed to hookups. Most guys are going to gravitate to the short-term/hookup part of that

  15. Okay noted. Seeing this in a few other comments as well, I never thought about it that way! Until it's been brought to my attention lol I have removed the "open to short" from my profile

  16. Thing is, they'll still get sexual, even if it's for long term.

  17. That's not the problem... I want there to be a physical aspect and sex in a long term relationship. But not with a stranger I've only exchanged a couple messages with. Like I said in other comments, I'm a person who likes to take things slow. Get to know the person and let there be a gradual build

  18. Hi friend! I'm new to the penpal community here on reddit and I'd love to write you, I think we have a lot in common! I'm 25/F/USA, I love gardening, cooking, crafting, painting sketching, knitting embroidery, sims, and reading! I also loveee animals and actually used to be a vet assistant myself, but became too much for me during the pandemic so I left and do mortgages now... but I live currently with my two cats and would love to get a farm one day with loads of animals. Anyways, message me if you wanna connect, I'd love to vent about our boring adult lives or connect about our hobbies, and of course send doodles!

  19. I think the rook/faux rook or anti-tragus would look great! I think a forward helix or a conch would also be great fits too! You've deff got the space for any one of those (or a few of them lol) and they'd offer some balance to your current set up

  20. Ugh life sucks, I'm sorry you're going through these emotions while on vacation. All I can say is you're not alone, I've been there and I know how awful it feels. Being jealous of your friends for just existing is the worst kind of pain because all they had to do was be born, just like us but they got the lucky hand. To be surrounded by friends but feel completely left out and alone because you can't at all relate to them and they know that too, it's isolating and shitty.

  21. What are you asking here? I think we need more info before offering advice. Are you asking where to get your nose pierced like the images you shared? Or if the photos you shared are you and you're asking if the current placement is okay?

  22. These are pics of me. It’s my first facial piercing and has healed excellently. I hate to take it out but I’m not happy with the placement and after about 2 months and seeing photos I realize this now. Should I remove it, let it heal and then pierce the new placement? I enjoy wearing threadless ends. She wiped off the first marking made and made this placement instead. In hindsight I feel the first marking was probably where I’d like it to be now. It feels off to me lol

  23. Well... I'm no professional but ngl I'm not a fan of the placement either. It could be slightly higher. Since it's healed excellently, I'd say you could definitely go through with taking it out, letting the hole heal, and trying again elsewhere.

  24. I wouldn't be worried just yet. Think about it, you were just stabbed 4 days ago and the object is still in your skin. Your body is trying to form scabs and heal itself, but if the object is still in there and it gets moved/bumped/tugged/rubbed etc (like moving around in your sleep) it's going to pull at the healed scab and cause it to start bleeding again. Keep up with the saline cleanings and don't worry. If it's still bleeding often 2-3 weeks post piercing date, then maybe be a little worried.

  25. Pierced on Sunday (07/10) with a curved barbell. They also put a horseshoe barbell in my Daith bc I had a hoop in and they were worried of it catching. Not sure the threading, but the metal is pure titanium.

  26. A Microsoft One share drive someone made and shared on Facebook that has every season & episode

  27. Unfortunately this shared drive has been emptied... episodes are no longer accessible :(

  28. Hi OP, just wondering what you’ve been doing and if the rashes progressed or stopped. I’ve started getting this on the same spot on my chest and I’ve counted 3 other spots popping up. They’re not itchy at all.

  29. Hi! Awh I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling too... Mine has pretty much gone away now, but it didn't itch me either. I've been keeping it dry and clean, trying not to touch it. Blotting it dry when I am wet. After my nightly shower I applied maximum strength cortizone (1% hydrocortisone) creme with aloe to it. Rubbed it in real well. I did that for about a week and it slowly disappeared! There are still some little risudal bumps left still but I have started letting up on the creme (not a big fan of the smell lol).

  30. Thanks! I’m a bit wary of hydrocortisone since it can have a bleach effect on my skin but the rash does seem to be going away so yay! What kind of aloe cream did you mix with?

  31. Oh... I fortunately didn't have that problem when I used it! But I did only use it for about a week and I am fair-skinned. The hydrocortisone was made with the aloe in it! So no mixing was required.

  32. I'm on my phone and have my blue light filter on, I almost didn't even see it it's so opaque blends right into the sticker!! Holy crap

  33. garden salsa sunchips, cadbury eggs, chinese food, sweet tart ropes

  34. Garden Salsa sunchips slap, they're a go to for me too

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