1. Ohio State players pick one Big Ten game and get wasted beforehand. It’s the reason they lose to Purdue so often. Haha.

  2. These relationships can go either way. You both love each other which is what puts you in the situation.

  3. Or it wrecks the friendship entirely. It happens.

  4. Go offline. Drive to the surge. When you’re there then go online.

  5. Men are always nervous their girlfriends will go tell everyone if they consent to this behavior

  6. Because this behavior is for the mentally ill

  7. It's clearly John Cooper if you have to pick someone to be worst, but Cooper was not a bad coach. We've just been blessed with solid coaching over the last 50 years or more.

  8. Best: Jim Tressell - he won a Natty, used 3 star and the occasional 5 star, restored our program to excellence

  9. Starts at home though. Can’t put EVERYTHING on schools to correct all of society’s ills.

  10. You could make home life easier by giving families vacation time, healthcare, higher wages, and invest in lower income communities.

  11. Yeah that's what I feel like, bird box was a movie though

  12. Is he the first rookie to sign? Have any others signed yet?

  13. Really? Wow I never knew that, and I swear I’ve read the story multiple times. Went right over my head.

  14. I coached a girls softball team. We were stoked to being played our rivals who were the precious years champs. Our star pitcher is on the mound, every starter showed up early. We were pumped.

  15. Honestly you could probably trade for him and let him play until the final year and then trade him at the deadline for some top prospects. Might not do too bad. Could also be that Ramirez talks him into becoming a Cleveland legend bro.

  16. That would mean 2023 is looked at as the chips all pushed in, one shot at this, best opportunity we will ever get to win the World Series year. I do not believe that is the case with how young the team is, especially from a pitching perspective. You need a complete, deep team to win in October. A couple of superstars amounts to very little in baseball.

  17. The team has great pitching and has been weak in offense for awhile. We’ve been watching Zimmer and Mercado flash MLB talent but most of the time they struggled. No we’re seeing Kwan, Naylor, and Miller get a chance to play.

  18. Aquarion is the only tribe I don’t have a perfect score with.

  19. Sometimes it’s minute by minute to get through the days. Take a moment at a time.

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