1. No it's not. They have tested and lots of people do squirt/make others squirt and believe it or not - it's easy to tell the difference. Do you have any personal experience with a partner peeing on you while telling you it's squirting or do you just have a need to talk very confidently about things you know nothing about?

  2. Oh so just someone who has no experience and just likes to state "facts" they know nothing about then:)

  3. Make more money while spending as little as you can

  4. Maybe you should walk about with a sign identifying your age, just so those men that are older than you can be spared your wrath.

  5. That'd be advertising those exact men to look at me. This comment just displays how ignorant you are

  6. Your previous comment shows how ignorant you are. People can look at whatever the fuck they want, and the fact that you feel someone has to 'leave you alone' is outrageous.

  7. Oh so it's OK for them to harass me then? When an older guy makes sure I know he thinks I look good, it's ALWAYS in a "let me touch you" way. If it's someone I classify as a creep then obviously they too have done something bad

  8. You can't stop people from making stupid choices. You can ask questions such as "what kind of work do you want to do, how will you continue your education?" "how will you pay for a baby?" "does he want a baby, how will he make money?" etc. Careful questions so she'll have to think through her decision. Don't critise her or overly fry her with critical questions.

  9. How about if someone calls me and I'm the owner of a small restaurant that I run by myself and say: «Nei du får ikke komme i dag fordi i dag skal jeg være full» meaning that the restaurant is full 😁

  10. You wouldn't say something like that regarding a restaurant. You'd say "det er fullt i dag" or "fullbooket" for example, not that "jeg er full". It is not you people will be sitting side to eat, after all

  11. But I think a restaurant manager could m say something like today we are full. I dag er vi fulle?

  12. Maybe "vi". But not "jeg" that'd be weird. Like they're the only one running the place, when in the reality are not, is just not done.

  13. In the states he would have a gun too though, but not in Europe...

  14. And your point is? I would rather be overpowered than overpowered AND shot.

  15. She would probably produce toys or surveillance. It's one of few things where she shows any kind of intelligence lol. The surveillance is keeping track of where I am at any given time!

  16. No, I don't like asking. I make sure people know my height since I'm outside the average. It's then THEIR responsibility to let me know if they're far below the average. I don't care if they're an inch or two shorter, but this was a lot more and honestly rude to not give a heads up

  17. lmfao no it's not. if you care so much it's on you to ask

  18. Yes it is. Just as it would be rude of me to just show up without a heads up about my height when I'm far above average height. People automatically assume others will be around the average which is completely fair. If they're far outside it, that's often a shock. It's the least you can do to prepare people so they don't get that shock and instead can decide whether or not it's for them

  19. I jumped at a foster cat. Meaning I jumped up in the air, and landed crouched righ above her as if to attack and squish her. Foster froze and hissed at me.

  20. You don't. You don't know how your cat reacts to others in general, or how those exact two will get along. A few common types of cats:

  21. there is no one answer to this question, as everyone's opinion on the matter would likely differ. however, from my perspective, i believe that the situation in ukraine is very complex and nuanced, and it is difficult to say definitively who is right or wrong. my heart goes out to all those affected by the conflict.

  22. Exactly what is complex and nuanced by one country attacking a peaceful country without provocation? Not only that, but destroying their cities and targeting their civilians?

  23. there are many factors at play in the conflict in ukraine, and it is difficult to say who is definitively right or wrong. the situation is complex and nuanced, and my heart goes out to all those affected by the violence.

  24. That's just repeating yourself. WHAT is nuanced in Russia raging war on Ukraine? Are you a bot or what

  25. It felt completely right. Not that I'd up until then had any problems living at home. But it was time to move out, I was ready, there was absolutely no issue.

  26. There are a couple of nice groups. There's information like the local store's opening hours. And it's where you can contact about anyone easily.

  27. I have many different levels. My lowest level is my brows. I don't know how many years ago I last went to work or even school without doing them.

  28. That 300 meter descent of what I imagine to be sobering realization and emptiness is how I imagine my brother’s friend felt for hours when he fell off of a moving boat while offshore fishing alone. Watching the boat slowly move further and further out of reach with no hope of catching it. Stuck 10s of miles away from land. No way to contact any one. Instead of having the finality of knowing what happens when you hit the bottom when falling, you are stuck struggling to keep afloat in the middle of the ocean for many hours hoping for that 0.00001% chance you’re found before your arms are no longer able to move. All while thinking about your children growing up without a father and further trauma to the rest of your family/friends due to your loss. This is honestly probably the death that had the most lasting impact on me, and I didn’t even know the man.

  29. If there was any weather or if the water was anything but warm, he likely didn't live for hours though. Most people don't float long when the water is cold.

  30. Not at all. I absolutely hate controlling others.

  31. I agree. Weird all around. Seems fake to appear trustworthy. And in my experience, it's the least serious people who go out of their way to make it seem like they are trustworthy.

  32. A lot of random shit. As if it had multiple personalities. Some days it'd say I love all and save all, other days burn the gay.

  33. Distance yourself or break up.

  34. It isn't a red flag. She just never went out of her way to get those experiences. It isn't hard to achieve.

  35. No. Maybe she didn't have good friends in high school and was left alone a lot. Then didn't quite know how to get into it in college. And didn't download tinder when she started to work. Just because something was different for you doesn't mean it isn't easy for something to happen differently to someone else.

  36. In my country we have a chip database so if anyone reads the chip they'll find your info. All cats should be chipped. Ask the owners:

  37. Sounds like he's seriously hurt. You need to get him to a vet ASAP.

  38. She lifts her highest foot above it and wraps herself around my hand. It's her favourite cuddles. She's an anxious type so sometimes she's too wound up for it or has enough. Then she'll just get up or gently kick my hand away. Only cats who don't trust their owners bite them to make them stop.

  39. Left wing wouldn't ban abortion. Some people here, where left is strongest and abortion is allowed, think abortion should be banned in the cases where downs syndrome is detected so that they can't abort only because of the syndrome. However it isn't banned.

  40. It works just as well as with any other guy. I dated a guy around the same height difference as you two, and I didn't even notice until 3 months later and we stood next to eachother in a mirror lol.

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