1. Pro private but commenting since I’ve been a longtime lurker and don’t wanna get removed

  2. I love getting to introduce new people to the Manson-like shitstorm of Richard Carmack.

  3. I’m so jealous of people finding out about Richard for the first time. I’ll never get to babe that experience again.

  4. You forgot the other idiot from Colorado…Lauren Boebert.

  5. His answers are hilarious! He’s such a wacko And I doubt it’s his mom sending him the “You’re Handsome/Cute” 🤢 I’m sure he’s writing those to himself

  6. I try not to look at his profile but that was quite the hoot. He has zero self awareness.

  7. Whyyyyyy are children growing up believing that the police are here to help them. Why why why.

  8. I grew up upper middle class and have been told since a young age to never talk to the police. Insisting I want a lawyer is not an admission of guilt.

  9. If your gun is taken and used in a crime, you should be charged. 100%. She didn’t store her guns in a way that Adam couldn’t access them. This is partially on her.

  10. I’m on my first watch of The Sopranos. I’m on season 2 and taking it nice and slow.

  11. If abortion in Kansas can poll down 4 points in the days leading up to the election and then win by a 17 point spread, DeSantis can lose in Florida.

  12. Matt Bevin lost in Kentucky by angering teachers. It’s just a bad move in general.

  13. Why should he care about the quality of FL public schools? His kids go to a private school.

  14. The crazy thing is I remember being in middle school 10+ years ago and my sister (14) would always tell me how her teacher talks about how bill Cosby would date rape girls wanting to be models back in the 60s and 70s. She mentioned it CONSTANTLY, and then I exactly remember being in summer school and then getting a cnn notification saying 25 women came forward about being date raped in the 60s and 70s and they were all models and actresses that were all informed that Cosby wanted to meet with them for a role or some industry things. A conversation with a powerful entertainer led to drinks, bill ends up putting stuff in their second drink to give them the illusion that they’re extremely drunk. They get raped. They get embarrassed because of the rape and then Stay silent until someone speaks out.

  15. Tina Fey had a few Cosby (and Weinstein) jokes on 30 Rock. It was interesting when a few years later these men had their downfalls.

  16. Why is Bridget at 39 hanging out with a 24 year old Paige? That’s what’s embarrassing to me. Having to hang out with people 2 decades younger.

  17. I’m 37 and one of my best friends is 26. We have a ton in common despite the age difference and in some ways, she is more mature and has her shit together better than me.

  18. Lots of concern about teens using skate ramps in a nearby park as a hangout!!!! And littering!!!! Now the littering is not great, but the park these ramps are in is quite small, and also very popular with families, so at this time of year there are tons of people passing by. The kids using the ramps keep to themselves and don’t bother anyone. And the park closes at dusk. Yet people are saying that they daren’t go there anymore as it’s ‘intimidating’.

  19. Words like “intimidated” are such a dog whistle. I could not roll my eyes harder.

  20. We should put together a happy hour for the ladies. It could be fun.

  21. Wondering what content @weareDanAndSam can possibly create now that Sam delivered the surrogate baby. She hinted at big announcements coming soon, which to me means, please don't unfollow. What ever will she do now that she doesn't have bump updates or tik toks showing off how she is a surrogate

  22. I had to unfollow her. The multiple videos of her a day dancing in her underwear just got to be too much.

  23. There is something uniquely absurd about adult politicians spending their "valuable" time bullying teens and young adults.

  24. It’s better than Gaetz’s usually hobby of raping teenagers.

  25. It is shocking to me how boring Olivia Rink’s life seems now…what does she do all day?! I was obsessed with her content back in the day when she was in Chicago and NYC and now it’s just…so lackluster. She shills Amazon and Arhaus all day, doesn’t seem to do much outside of the house and only seems to spend time with her husband. Yes, I realize she’s pregnant, but this has been going on since they moved back to Kentucky. To each their own, but not a life I’d want to live

  26. Her house is so blah and devoid of any personality.

  27. Walk. Same thing has happened at my company and senior leadership is backing the manager. Life is too short to be miserable.

  28. I mean, just yesterday she was chiding Mike about always looking up restaurant menus before they visit somewhere new saying, “Who does that?!” Well, I do that, and probably some people that prefer to be somewhat informed/ plan ahead for unfamiliar places. It’s no wonder her wedding plan is a mess 😵‍💫 Bridget is one of the most successful type B influencers I can think of.

  29. I have a friend visiting me next weekend. I mentioned a restaurant and she immediately asked for the website so she could look at the menu. I always thought that was normal behavior.

  30. Wait and are they saying Dallas is coming back?! I miss Stephanie!!

  31. I loved dallas! This blind makes me so happy.

  32. I'm not very good at reading in to these, who fo you think they're talking about from Dallas? Not Kam surely?

  33. This blind suggests that Dallas is coming back which thrills me. It was one of my favorite franchises.

  34. As someone who was active in AA in Tampa, I have to say, it is VERY religious down here. They say the Lord’s Prayer at the end of meetings. It also has a very cult like environment. I lost all my friends when I left. I think there are SMART Recovery meetings. I find those to be much more realistic.

  35. ‘90% of life is just showing up’ is what I was told at my first (min. wage retail) job. Have found it applicable to 90% of things. Will not forget it.

  36. It took my way too long to learn it. I half-assed my last job but got constant praise for being a good employee and always being there.

  37. Not all bleeding is menstruation. It’s a part of the menstrual cycle but not necessarily a period.

  38. This isn’t about anyone in particular but more just an observation I realized earlier today. I have never noticed, on any influencer McMansion build, the addition of solar panels. Especially in a state like Texas where the power grid has shown to be faulty when it matters most, it strikes me as so odd that these influencers who have SO much extra wealth wouldn’t add them not only to save on the massive electricity bills those houses surely create, but also to maintain comfort during severe weather events. Makes me wonder if it has something to do with HOA’s (i.e. they’re unsightly and/or climate change doesn’t exist), or if they just really don’t care that they’re spending probably $1000 a month to heat or cool their homes?

  39. I work in green building and there are so many ways to save on your footprint without going solar. I actually don’t think it’s a good idea for a lot of people. Those solar leases are tricky and don’t benefit you at all.

  40. My mother has pulmonary hypertension. While there is an environmental component, it’s not likely the main cause of this baby getting PH.

  41. Florida is a right to work state, can be fired for and reason, or no reason

  42. You can be fired for most any reason but not an illegal one. Like a woman can’t be fired for getting pregnant.

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