1. I wouldn't fight her! Ukrainian women always have a secret knife stashed!

  2. So, i was just reading that russia has a new "6th gen," as they call it, Su-57 with an improved radar and EW suite.

  3. Russians are decades behind in electronics and anything remotely advanced is too expensive for them to field. Reportedly they’re fielding T72 Bs upgraded with sights that are the equivalent of what we had half a century ago, yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that Mecha-Stalin came down from the moon alien take to help the Russian Federation jump the decades wide technological gap.

  4. ❤️ thank you for your updates. I always look forward to then. Praying for you and all of Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏

  5. He is so god damned pure, it makes me worry so much more.

  6. For being ex-Stasi, he sure seems like a whiney bitch.

  7. They're all super mega tough until they get popped in the fucking nose and cry like a little baby as myself when I ejected from the fucking womb.

  8. These are the people that left multiple copies of the Sims game in a staged photograph instead of sim cards, they aren't that clever. As dumb as that was my favorite part of the staged Nazi scene was the brand new red t-shirt with a swastika on the front with creases still on it from never being worn or washed. Like secret Nazi infiltrators actually go around wearing a swastika t-shirts.

  9. The hype is what I got caught up in, and it was hard to avoid because it is near impossible to find objective reviews of most music plugins, or gear in general. I mentioned linear phase because that comes up in convos about stock eqs not having that option too. But yeah for someone who is just learning over the net, it is a minefield when it comes to trying to learn how to listen and do certain things while you find others showing how to do things with shiny tools.

  10. Use thy ears and don't look back, but it will take a long time for everything to start really clicking and even then, you'll realize it's just starting to click.

  11. If you can’t get a good mix with stock plugins…it’s not the plugins.

  12. Until I reformated my computer and launched cakewalk using just using the stock sonitus plugins and even ignoring the versatile channel strips I had never realized how much I actually knew how to use the tools.

  13. Israel beat Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 6 days in 1967 then beat Egypt and Syria again in 2 weeks and 5 days in 1973; the US took Panama in 1 month and 1 week; US took Grenada in 4 days; the British successfully invaded and retook the Falklands in 28 days; the allied coalition beat Saddam in 4 days; the Australians secured East Timor in 41 days; NATO drove the Serbs from Kosovo in 2 months and 2 days with airpower alone; the US and the UK took all of Iraq in 1 month and 1 week...

  14. They can handle shit, yes, but you're failing to take into account a fucking shitload of variables that Ukraine doesn't have right now which made some of those successful.

  15. Are you forgetting about the part where Trump's watch missed multiple of these things altogether?

  16. If russr's population structure didn't look a fucking christmas tree, maybe, just maybe there could be some sort of scenario to save the russr and some people inside with a peaceful scenario.

  17. T-72s being pimped out in Poland are still deadly as ever.

  18. Echelon is a formation and could be any variable numbers forming a left, right, or full echelon

  19. Ok, Teflon, you're from a professional army, but decide to be a cheap Canadian Rambo who decides to take matters into his own hands?

  20. He's not that incredibly dumb. He knows he will be 'replaced' if he doesn't say what Putin tells him to. Like Medvedev.

  21. Nothing new here, rewriting history, or the present.

  22. I would like to hijack your comment and ask a different question. As far as I am aware there are tons of anti tank mines on the front, right? Wouldn't Ukraine run into a high risk of losing the western tanks by those mines? How can they reduce the risk of losing the limited number of tanks?

  23. This is a good question I would also like to have an answer to.

  24. "If we don't lose at least 1000 men per day, we'll be stooping down to the level of NATO warfare."

  25. I see your point. The thing is we are going to actually send both to Ukraine. Question: why not both? Answer: sure, both.

  26. And that's the thing, they aren't sending equipment to break down once it arrives at the front, Ukrainians will be provided with all the logistics needed, they just need manpower.

  27. As far as I can tell Russia is far, far behind in terms of equipment. What I really want to see is more analysis of if/how Ukraine will be able to counter the human waves Russia is about to throw at them.

  28. Well, I know bradley's have a 25mm autocannon that probably loves flesh and bone.

  29. 50 in the initial batch. While more than capable, Ukraine is a massive country and 50 Bradley's isn't going to change things overnight. But it's a damn good start.

  30. I didn't just mention bradleys, but implications of other pledged IFVs and such, then Tanks and planes and GLDSB.

  31. Does he think repenting will give him a spot in heaven?

  32. They did all this while wearing Adidas pants? That’s a TERRIBLE disguise… wannabe gopniks. Tsk tsk.

  33. This is the FSB dude, only the best and brightest are recruited.

  34. Maybe russia is donating some of their brand spankin' new SU-57s, now a 6th generation fighter.

  35. I do not understand why this, and similar platforms aren't being adapted into low-mid range sport models.

  36. No "kinda" about it. Middrives absolutely have transmissions.

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