1. I used to think it was “old timers” disease when I was younger.

  2. These are supposed to be nepthenes or pitcher plants. If you look at the pitchers from a certain angle they totally look like dicks

  3. You mean because 4k refers to the horizontal pixel count while the previous marketing tech names like 720p and 1080i & p were a vertical count?

  4. I like the penis on the tomato but why harvest it when it’s not even red. That’s sacrilege

  5. Thought the juice said “butthole” on first glance lol.

  6. For the longest time, I thought my parents were just being crotchety old people when they said produce like tomatoes used to taste better when all of it was locally grown, ripened on the vine, and sold by small vendors. But it really does make a difference.

  7. Grew up eating my grandpas homegrown maters and it ruined the excuse for tomatoes you get at most grocery stores and in salads and sandwiches. Yucky. Now I grow em each year yummy.

  8. I thought removing yellowing leaves makes the plant start sapping nutrients from the next leaf if there’s deficiencies? Is that not true

  9. Yes if you have a mobile nutrient deficiency it will just start taking those nutrients from the other leaves if you don’t address the deficiency. I personally just leave those leaves on unless they turn completely yellow and start dying. Might as well let the plant take what nutrients are left in the leaf before cutting it off.

  10. It is an idiom about working harder. I never attributed it to slavery or as a racist dog whistle. Are we overreacting?

  11. It def is about getting people working harder, but think it came from slave owners “cracking the whip” to get their slaves to work harder. So Def was not the best phrase to use

  12. I just got some burgers from them last week. Was very impressed with how good they were.

  13. If you have iPhone there’s also an option to follow iOS setting so if you have light mode on your iPhone it will use that. If youre on android or are using dark mode on iPhone already then I don’t know what ur deal is

  14. Lol! My friends and I had house in college that we all lived together in. There was a small tree in the back yard that everyone would pee at during parties and backyard drinking. It was named “the toilet tree”.

  15. Lol my group of friends had a toilet tree that we called toilet tree also!

  16. Bro I didnt even notice Lewis at first he blended in so well

  17. I had to go back and look at it again wondering why it was posted in this sub lol.

  18. Yeah an actual truck did ram my house

  19. Does his car insurance cover your damages or do you have to use your home insurance. And if home insurance would that raise your rates? Was curious

  20. We have home insurance and we are going to try to get his car insurance to payout first

  21. Big vat of nair, with 4 guys ready to yank her out and rub her down, like a pitstop

  22. And just like an F1 pit stop I’ll be done in under 3 seconds lol.

  23. I can confirm that is the correct video. I’m not familiar with that particular smut site tho.

  24. I don’t think you’re aloud to say things like that. At least don’t say such things allowed.

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