1. I spend a lot more time modding

  2. This is like the new killer clowns trend from 2016

  3. I’m actually Jewish so yea I don’t know where you are getting these drugs from or all this other dumb shit but yea you are goyim

  4. I’m Jewish too wtf. What was your bar mitzvah theme?? And how quickly did your parents kick your ass out when they realized what a moron you are

  5. Nah I’m actually a direct descendant of Karl Marx

  6. No offense bro but at first I thought it was a leaked photo about the living conditions of the uighurs. These highend brands are really drinking their own koolaid hard.

  7. The one time I was in the area I saw actual human shit my wingman saved me from almost stepping on

  8. Weak… I see no cookies hat, big glasses, black running shoes and the shirt is not hentai enough. Please show the legend some respect and try harder next time

  9. I couldn’t imagine this BS at a dodgers game, hopefully the culture shifts at Sofi

  10. Similar experience for me. First game at SoFi. Wanted to stand and cheer the whole time. Got asked to sit down so the people sitting behind me could see. Felt like no one around me wanted to cheer and make noise unless it was celebrating a play. Felt awkward trying to make noise on 3rd downs even.

  11. Sounds like sofi has a bunch of yuppy fans. The Coli was better

  12. Then how did Bills fans afford it! Don’t make that bullshit excuse

  13. Damn bro, wanna buy my tickets from now on? Clearly money isn’t an issue for u lmao

  14. Dude u really think some fucks from some frozen hell hole do much other than save like some fat fucking squirrels during the winter season???

  15. Sounds like someone needs a blood eagle

  16. Promote now. They’re what we need in the Air Force

  17. My dad got to meet JFK at our state fair in 1960 and shake his hand - it was a big moment in my dad's life. And when JFK won the election a few months later that was also a big deal for my dad, particularly since they were both Irish Catholics. Thus, when the Peace Corps started in March 1961, dad was one of the first volunteers - he felt like he was answering the call of his president.

  18. Holy shit, that fucking sucks. He should’ve clarified, must’ve blacked out the night before to be that hungover

  19. Yes and when they wear Ray-bans, they’re waifs

  20. The guy who recorded this video, the one that owns the dog, is actually a fucking dickhead as well. No need to talk to the girl the way he did. Never a thought given to what is going on in her life. She should have walked away initially but his response hardly justified. Fuck him and his dog.

  21. Austin is pretty damn wack though let’s be real

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