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  1. “Deleted,” it’s still propagating across the internet, people will still see it.

  2. This was my laptop background for a while, I got a lot of weird looks, might change it back again, GNOME default is getting boring.

  3. I don’t smoke and probably never will, but less control the government exerts on our lives the better. Even

  4. Tor is designed to defeat government censorship and not your local network firewall. Your local network administrator can block everything, while a government cannot do that without adding a lot of collateral damage. So, if your school is doing protocol 'whitelisting', obfs4 won't help you. IMO, your best option here is using a domain fronting solution, but meek-azure will be painful slow as its bandwidth is limited.

  5. That makes sense, but they even managed to block meek-azure, do you know how they could have managed this? It’s been unblocked until very recently.

  6. "World Hold On" by Bob Sinclair has a space vibe to it in my opinion, it's not about space travel, but it just feels spacey. Also "Neutron Stars" by Epic Mountain is wonderful, again not really about space travel, but I would include it as the song is music from a Kurzgesagt video about space, in fact I would check out all of their other songs because they make great music in general. The Rick and Morty soundtrack is awesome as well.

  7. I just messaged him because the original comment was deleted, I'm literally shaking right now, the masterhacker himself might get my personal info.

  8. Wait until the poor fellow tries to use his xtreme hacking skills on the neighbors network.

  9. This is a joke about how the f-35 is a useless piece of scrap that encapsulates the state of the American miltary perfectly. & the skeletons are unironically the better option.

  10. I don't know what mobile networks are doing for IPv4 these days, but the IPv6 addresses should be global addresses. Private addresses are a totally different concept in IPv6 compared to IPv4. Networks that are using private IPv6 addressing will often also have public IPv6 addresses in parallel.

  11. I fucking love Elon. He is the dumbest genius alive today. I think perhaps he just does this stuff for a laugh so he can watch the media people lose their minds.

  12. those nazi fascists! oh wait thats the ukrainian unit with the swastika.

  13. Lol by comparison twitter is 10x easier to navigate IMO. That’s my shit. My brother on the other hand, is a Reddit God (in his own area of interest). Maybe I’ll have him learn me up next time I see him.

  14. I’ve found it really hard to get a meaningful conversation on Twitter, it’s either the same dumb jokes again and again or some crypto bots no one wants to see.

  15. elon bad because billionaire. that's the biggest reason. also fuck the space race

  16. He blamed a staffer for the tweet, so close to being based, he should've doubled down.

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