The last clip i got on OW1, worth it.

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  1. No you can’t ever play online with a pirated game

  2. Yes, anadius has an online crack on CSRINRU

  3. “I piss and shit blood into a bowl which I store away for weeks at a time under my bed. When I lay my head to rest at night I can smell the blood and shit. It helps me feel well rested. Once the stench from the blood and shit mixture eventually dissipates, I repeat the process. I make my entire family do this including Blackamoto and my elderly father.” - Izzy during his post fight interview after beating Marvin the 1st time.

  4. I feel like this is bullshit but I'm still looking that interview up as we speak

  5. Necessary for what?? Unless you play at a competitive level then nope. Obviously if you want 3 and can afford 3 then go get them but personally don't see it being obligatory for anything

  6. Neccesary as in will 3 come up, is it worth running 3 over other limit 3's

  7. We have advanced in a community where we went from "I hate lootboxes, I want to earn things" to "give me back the lootboxes"

  8. Overwatch lootboxes were never the kind people hated. Easily earned, purely cosmetic and everything in them was purchasable with credits. People only hated lootboxes when they were needed to progress/held significant gameplay advantages ironically the battle pass system they have has both of those things cause heroes are now in the battlepass

  9. None that I remember, the only time I remember ow getting criticism for loot boxes is when they were initially announced and people associated loot boxes with bad things

  10. Same here man, I don't even one to play overwatch just the fact that I can't play it ever again upsets me

  11. that's my strategy for all seasons

  12. Hanamura is like Nickelback, people say it’s horrible but we’ve all enjoyed it on some level.

  13. Dude, it's just a downgrade, so it'll still be there 🤡

  14. How else am I going to figure out random players' hot takes?

  15. Last game of Kings Row, enemy Rein was flaming thier Zarya in game chat for only bubbling their Doomfist while he was getting hacked and anti. Feeling nostalgic already lmao.

  16. That's almost my favorite story I heard about the last game. Rein stayed toxic to the end

  17. Nice, they're definitely legendable, especially if you got to play this early in the season.

  18. Fluffals eh? I don’t know how well they’ll perform in Legend rank, but you should be able to KOG at the end of the season. Thats when the rogue decks have a better shot. Lol

  19. Fluffals are definitely good enough for early kog (I genuinely don't think one is harder than the other but that's me), it's a very hard otk to stop even if it does have shit turn 1

  20. When you look at it he coowns a gym meaning that the gym loses around 1200 dollars that they could be making by charging me. Which puts things in a perspective . I was just curious as to wether it was common practice at other places.

  21. Yea but that'd only be the case if you were already going to the extra classes. If you weren't going to the classes already he's losing fuck all

  22. Who is that? Feel like I’m missing something here.

  23. Is the fucker who ate the caca milis? That's the only person it reminds me of

  24. I don't like seeing people get hurt butt I can't feel bad for the guy, unless he has no feeling in his shoulders he needed to tap there, it ruins the sport by trying to rely that your opponent won't break something (this is also white belt at grappling industries so there's that) I do also blame the ref tho at white belt no one would be mad if he stopped that

  25. My only request is to be able to dismantle and generate cards

  26. I feel like it'll never happen but I have not dismantled a card since they added it to Md in hopes it comes to dl

  27. Not at all, the most expensive game here is like 5€ usually bundles are overpriced I'd just buy the console and then buy games from a second hand retailer like cex if your country has them

  28. Hey bro I take my sorry back cuz I was right and it is a turn spanning effect

  29. Lol, well it shouldn't be then that's not how it's worded the semi colon seperates the effects

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