1. Always thought D for her while watching Elite a while back. I don’t think she accommodates curve despite being on the busty side.

  2. Endo is pretty sure I am cyclical, and I’ve experienced all what you’ve experienced. I’ve also noticed eye twitching, random cluster head aches and weakened teeth in myself.

  3. That is so wild I have also had eye twitching, headaches and noticed my teeth getting sore in the last few months. I have to wait another 6 weeks before I can do testing though, as my endo wants me to come of birth control beforehand. Its such a long arduous process, I hope you can get a diagnosis soon!

  4. Thank you! I’ve done all the testing, now I just need to wait to see if I’m catching a high. I’ve recently done a MRI of the pituitary gland too so hoping it will come back soon. I also had to wait 6 weeks to come off birth control before testing, and it sure is a long process.

  5. Probably because she may not accommodate curve in silhouette? Just a theory, but these pictures don’t properly show the entire silhouettes of the outfits and it’s difficult to tell if they accommodate her lines or not. Also, pet peeve against using language like “curvy and smol” to describe SG.

  6. There is nothing Diva chic about Bella in this video. It just enforced my opinion on D/FN for her,

  7. That’s literally what makes an image ID, though? If the essence doesn’t fit she cannot be said ID.

  8. No, I don’t think that small amount will make a difference, it’s one thing if you dropped a lot more. I accidentally dropped almost today 0.5dl because my toilet seat broke the moment I was doing the transfer. Wonder if that will affect anything 💀

  9. I actually saw her as a classic before watching her on-screen, but I’ve changed my mind. I think she’s SG now. My dad made a comment on how she’s basically a young Winona Ryder in terms of essence and vibes and I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Face has an impact, Kibbe has never erased it just said that beginners should not try to determine their yin/yang balance based on face as many people cannot tell the two from each other. He doesn’t even recommend trying to figure out image ID as of now, only clothing accommodations. Consensus: your face will always match your image ID and body.

  11. I’ve only heard that Kibbe said once in SK that SD should not get bangs as it hides their bone structure or something. Don’t remember the exact comment, but I do remember him saying that he doesn’t recommend it.

  12. I asked my closest guy friends/family on who they thought had the most attractive bodily features: Lynda Carter of Marilyn Monroe. I cropped the heads off so people would not be biased by knowing who they were. All 10 dudes that answered me said they found Lynda’s body more attractive than Marilyn’s, but also considered Marilyn’s attractive as well. Men like boobs, ass and hips on literally any woman. I’ve found that most men where I live tend to prefer yang dominant women, but I can imagine the preferences shifting depending on country/culture. Men don’t give a shit is the consensus. They just want ass and tits. This person has a lot of internalised tradwifery going on. As usual.

  13. I thought Audrey Hepburn was the prime example for flamboyant gamine? Or has he updated it?

  14. You could be cyclical. Do more tests and not just 24hr urine.

  15. Saliva tests, dexamethasone suppression, ACTH tests etc. You may also want to do more urine and serum cortisol tests than just one.

  16. Endo is pretty sure I am cyclical. I get the highest just before my period, I can see it on my striae that gets very red/purple and itches. It usually lowers during and just after my period.

  17. She’s very FN. The shoulder line goes horizontally outwards and the ribcage follows that line, and the bust does not form a a curved line from armpits and down. This is pretty evident on FN, still T-shape like SD but no curved line on top. Her essence is very FN too, I don’t see diva chic.

  18. It’s not exactly Merriam’s fault that she reduced the system to lines tho, right? I mean, the only way to truly know your type according to SK is to analyze the length of your femurs, so… 😬

  19. That was something that occurred in a private Kibbe focused discord server ages ago … some member who did it was in SK but it wasn’t an idea they got from SK.

  20. Vertical accommodation is needed from waist down, thus waist emphasis is not needed and you won’t need to accommodate double curve anymore. Curve is always a continuous line but when accommodating vertical from waist down it will take care of the curved line there. So SD has curve, just not double curve as their main need for curve accommodation is on top.

  21. People will literally type a short person as anything except FN, D, SD lmao. Hwasa is bold and sensual, every picture showcases that. I cannot see how people see fresh and sensual in her, she’s gives an incredible sharp impression and even seems to have T-shape. Her best outfits are the ones accommodating vertical here. Colour blocking cuts her in half. The pink dress is so Rachel Weisz and Rita Hayworth and you cannot convince me otherwise. Hwasa being SD and and actually accommodating vertical + curve in most of her styling is a hill I will die on.

  22. Till folk som klagar på att andra länkat till Nyheter Idag, här är en

  23. I think most of the vertical seen in these is due to the fact that she's wearing high heels in all of the full body photos. If you look up images of her in flat footed shoes, she looks very different.

  24. Wearing heels won’t create vertical, it will only emphasise it.

  25. People are really overestimating the elongation DCs can have. DCs can only have SLIGHT elongation because otherwise it’d disrupt balance. All I see in Lily James is elongation and boldness. Even if her facial features are proportionate does not mean she accommodates balance. It’s the same issue with Diane Kruger who’s been the poster child for DC because she has a “balanced” face. Both Lily and Diane are really elongated and 5’7” at that. I am unsure what image ID Lily would be, I’m not against her being SD at all though. She’s either one of the three vertical accommodating IDs that’s for sure.

  26. Faouzia herself says she’s 5’2” on her Twitter, so it’s pretty safe to assume she’s around that height. Even if she’s short, I think SD is most likely. After looking her up I find that vertical accommodation looks great on her compared to emphasis on waist. She has curve, and her upper curve is very defined. She maybe even has some width in upper body, but that can occur in SD without the need to accommodate it. I don’t think she needs to accommodate it.

  27. It’s very individual, but it can go fast yes. I am cyclical and it varies for me. My cycles do not stay consistent and some times I never get low and sometimes I do. It can take as fast as an hour for the cycle to change completely.

  28. You’re too tall for either R or TR. At your height you should probably look into SD instead.

  29. Then it's "baseline curve", curve that all women have but not real curve to accomodate

  30. Quoting the grad it seemed like he said she had curve in the line and not just the baseline.

  31. Like a third accomodation that becomes minor? Since we can have 1 to 3 aspects in our line with 1 to 2 to accommodate Is the quote on the SK FG group? It would be the first time I see this case in someone

  32. He has said that SG can have petite + vertical + curve in very rare instances and to the grad he said something similar. However, to the SG he said that the petite and curve accommodation would take care of the vertical they would have and to the FG grad he said that accommodating petite and vertical would take care of the curve. Perhaps similarly to how SD and FN can have vertical + width + curve but only need to accommodate both. I may just be pulling this out of my ass because it was a while I spoke to the grad, though.

  33. Then, in the case I described earlier, what’s disrupting the line from waist to knee, if not curve? Doesn’t that represent a need for curve accommodation?

  34. All women have a baseline of curves, and thus the line in hips can curve outwards. However, if the curve isn’t continuous then the lines on top would be straight and that would determine the rest of the silhouette. If the curve isn’t continuous there’s no need for accommodation. Curve accommodation is always continuous.

  35. Okay, I’m sorry for asking so many questions, if you don’t want to answer anymore I completely understand lol but then how can one have curve and width? To my understanding, width in the upper torso disrupts the curve there and that’s how you get an SN: open, horizontal lines upstairs, curved lines downstairs, but you’re saying curve only applies when the curved lines appears in both places.

  36. Width trumps curve. So as a SN you do have curve throughout the silhouette but the accommodation needed for width takes care of the need for curve accommodation. That’s why SD and FN can have identical line sketches because all both curve and width can show up in silhouette. The question is more what is the primary accommodation need in said person, and if there is need for width accommodation that automatically takes care of the curve.

  37. Out of the two, definitely SD. The height limit for SN is 5’6”. Also, SD seems befitting more as you seem more elongated than an SN would even if you were under 5’6”.

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